View Full Version : If you had $75 to spend at knitpicks....

04-11-2007, 10:33 PM
what would you get?

I got a Gift Certificate for my birthday (february) from my parents for $75.00 to knitpicks.com. I have NO idea what to buy.

I am attempting my FIRST garment (the alene camisole from diynetwork.com). SO far, so good. I do enjoy knitting socks.

So what are some suggestions of yarns and ideas of what to do with it? I live in Texas so I don't need scarfs or hats.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions.


PS I DO have the options needle set already :)

P.S.S I just thought this might open my eyes to new yarns or items to knit!

04-12-2007, 12:11 AM
My last KP order was about $75. I ordered 5 balls of the clearance Andean Silk Twist, 2 of the clearance sock yarn, 2 of the natural fingering weight yarn (to dye), 16 balls of WotA, New Knits on the Block by Vickie Howell, and a set of bamboo DPN's in the wrong size. :teehee: I figured I could use the WotA for some of these. (http://www.craftyalien.com/component/page,shop.browse/category_id,6/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/)

I don't think the colors will be exact but that's ok. My kid will like them anyways.

Jan in CA
04-12-2007, 12:45 AM
Options interchangeable needles first...then I'd have to think. :thinking:

Lisa Kay
04-12-2007, 01:45 AM
I recently got their chart keeper (http://www.knitpicks.com/Chart+Keeper_AD80314.html) and I :heart: it!

They usually have good prices on books, too.

Here's my order that just arrived this week:

I'm anxious to swatch the CotLin "Nightfall," but I need to be good and wait until a couple other WIP's get finished... :teehee:

04-12-2007, 05:41 AM
CotLin ( cotton and linen) and Main Line (cotton and wool) and Shine (cotton and something) are wonderful Florida yarns ... These would make great Texas knits. All three very washable, too. Crayon is 100% cotton and SO soft and fluffy!

nadja la claire
04-12-2007, 08:50 AM
I would definitely get another Options Interchangeable set, some Cotlin, I'm not sure what color, either Island Coral or Linen and some Elegance in Wild Rose, Daisy or Oatmeal. There are so many other things I want. I would need more than $75.

Arrrrrrrrrr :gah: now I want to make an order.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

04-12-2007, 08:57 AM
You could always buy some dyeable yarn and their Jacquard dyes and have some fun...


have fun spending your $$$

04-12-2007, 01:53 PM
I just got the book "Victorian Lace Today" there and totally love it. The pictures and tips alone are worth the price.

04-12-2007, 03:39 PM
Hi, Danielle! :waving:

Hmm, I need a 32" classic circ in US size 2, and Options tips in 13, 15, and 17. And the 47" and 60" cable sets. How are we doing?


04-12-2007, 04:14 PM
You could always buy some dyeable yarn and their Jacquard dyes and have some fun...


have fun spending your $$$

That's what I would do.