View Full Version : LYS dilemma: where's my yarn?

04-20-2007, 12:00 PM
OK..i tried another LYS this time on line b/ they are having a HUGE clearance sale.. well I ended up buying over 74$ worth of yarn. OK this is my dilemma.. My order was placed April 4. Now it April 20 and it is STILL NOT HERE~! I have emailed the store and in return they left a message for me. Well I called back and the owner is out of pocket and I spoke to a clerk who told me my yarn should have been shipped LAST friday... well guess what it STILL NOT HERE~! Now we are going on 3 weeks waiting for merchandise from a store that is approx 20 minutes from my house. I could not go to the store in person b/c of work, school conflicts. but I am RUNNING OUT OF PATIENCE~!! :grrr: So... this is my Question should I give them a little more time ( :wall: :wall: ) or ask for my money back ~! :doh:

04-20-2007, 12:03 PM
well, how bad to you want the yarn? I would probably wait another week if you really want the yarn...

04-20-2007, 12:07 PM
seems like in the world of shipping, when you request to have your order cancelled and money refunded, the package magically ships.

However I wouldn't use that unless you are really willing to have the order cancelled.

That being said, my inclination would be to call them and find out the status of it and then let them know that you will be cancelling the order if you don't have it by next Friday.

If the sale was well known it is likely they got flooded with orders. From my understanding when Knit Happens had their sale they got 5000 orders one weekend and well over 10k total. They don't have a big shipping department so they could only process orders as fast as possible between dealing with foot business too. Definitely frustrating though... i have no patience myself so i understand. I was irritated when i realized my order from webs probably wouldn't be here until monday.... And i don't even really like the yarn that is coming....lol

04-20-2007, 12:07 PM
If you have the time available now to go down to the physical store, that wouldn't hurt. People will sometimes be more inclined to resolve your issues if you are standing right in front of them and they can't hang up and put you out of mind.

Remain polite, of course (honey, flies and all that), and let them know you won't be leaving until the situation is resolved. Either they give you the yarn right then or they print out mailing/shipping/tracking confirmation numbers or other proof that it's on its way, etc.

If they made an error they should apologize and perhaps offer you a discount or something. If they haven't actually shipped your order yet--it's up to you to decide whethey to demand a full refund, or to continue to wait.

Good luck!