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04-25-2007, 12:04 AM
hello everyone

I have been knitting the correct way for about 6 months now. before that my mom tought how she knitted. Much to my dissmay she was not knitting correctly. Now that i know what i was doing wrong and how to read a pattern i thought that i would try and make my own shawl pattern. I think that what i have started is pritty good but I'm now on row 130 and the pattern does not repeat, now this may because i started at the bottom with 3 stitches and have increased one stitch each row.

What i'm asking is if any one knows if there is a web site that tells how to wright a knitting Pattern. Or if any of you know would you be willing to teach me.

Thank you :notworthy:

Susan P.
04-25-2007, 08:55 AM
I'm not sure if there is a 'how to' guide out there but you basically offer 'what to do' row by row unless there are repeats. So, if you say have rows 1 to 6 as a pattern and then that pattern is repeated there is a way to say that.

You also use abbreviations to replace words just to make for quick reading so rather than saying "Knit six stitches, purl the next six stitches, Knit six stitches, purl the next six stitches" you write *K6, P6* repeat **

You say you started with 3 stitches and then inc (increase) 1 stitch per row.

So the first instruction is to CO (short for cast on) 3 stitches
Do you knit the first row before you increase or did you do a purl row or a pattern or K, P, K or..?
Then when you increased, did you inc on the 1st stitch or the last?

So, just think about what you have done and write it down line by line and if you use abbreviations like CO write a 'legend' for that. YO means yarn over, inc means increase and so on.

If say you are doing knit rows followed by purl rows and you only inc on the knit rows each time by one then you can say that in a short way such as: inc 1 knit rows .. just so that you are not having to repeat this all the time.

Others may have better tips than me but good luck with it :-)

What you could do is to write it down as a draft or first effort and then ask someone to help you polish it

04-25-2007, 11:40 AM
thank you
thats what i have been doing when it is done i'll look for some one to look it over for me.

once again thank you :notworthy: