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04-29-2007, 09:40 AM
i just need a place to vent for a second, and i promise i'll return back to my regular cheery happy go lucky self....
thanks in advance...

so for the past 2 years i've been living on edge because the company i work for keeps downsizing. they did mass layoffs 2 days before owen was born (helped kick start that labor) and i made that cut. i was so glad i could go on maternity leave and not worry about loosing my job. i came back from leave, and we'd slowed down even more, and were right back to use being 50% overstaffed....so after letting us all worry for months and months, they decided to close half of our offices, again, i kept my job. we took on a lot more work, and for a while we actually were busy! i was making overtime, and things felt a lot better. then the market dropped again, and our owning company put us up for sale. we've been treading water for the past 4 or 5 months, and the sale finally was announced last week...right before that, our manager had meetings saying the sale would be happening soon, and that layoffs were an almost definately possibility because it just made business sense.

without my income, we have to sell the house, somehow payoff all our loans and debts, and we still won't have enough for us to pay for rent. then i get into that weird zone where daycare costs are so outrageous, that i'd have to make quite a bit of money for it to be worth it. unfortunately, there are no jobs in my industry out there anymore. everybody else is going through the same thing. all our competetor's offices have closed or down to skeleton crews and aren't highering. they're all lucky if they make it through this slump. i'd basically have to start over again in another carrier, and i won't make anywhere near the money i make now....

i'm so tired of stress. i'm so tired of worrying. i just want some stability. we're at the point right now where we can't rationalize fixing up our house or planting flowers or anything because we don't know if we'll have the house much longer...if i could do something from home for work, we'd be able to afford a decent apartment and wouldn't have to move in with family. that's our only hope right now....

blech. i'm just tired of this. i'm a big planner, and not knowing what is going on is killing me.. i'm almost to the point where i'd welcome being fired just so i could get on with life and not have this hanging over my head all the time! i'd get to stay at home with owen. we wouldn't have much money at all, but at least we would have a better idea of what to expect month to month....i know there are peoplle out there in muchworse situations then us...i just wish they'd rip the bandaid off, so to speak, so it would be done with!

blech.... :verysad:

ok....i'm done. promise. thanks for listening.

end of vent! i feel much better!

04-29-2007, 09:59 AM
I know EXACTLY how you feel. It's terrible stress that kind of sits in the pit of your stomach.

I was laid off two months ago. We're selling our house, too, because my husband's salary just doesn't cover it.

With unemployment, and selling my earthly possessions on eBay, we've been able to make ends meet ---- so far.

And the job market is awful. There just are NO jobs out there! I'm seriously considering starting my own business -- maybe a collectible mall/yarn shop/garden center. :)

04-29-2007, 10:03 AM
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I'm sorry, Meghan. It's a horrible spot to be in. I hope everything works out for you :heart:

04-29-2007, 10:06 AM
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04-29-2007, 12:46 PM
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I am sorry this has happened. It IS incredibly stressful to not know what your income is going to be for the next week~!

I (thankfully) have never been in this situation but my GF and her husband are finally coming out of it. Her husband's company starting laying off 3 years ago... and like you he missed the 1st, the 2nd cut and then finally he ws laid off after thanksgiving... ( something to be thankful for i guess :wall: ?) anyhoo.. he has been on multiple interviews thought he got the job and didn't and SHE is the planner and was seriously stressing.. No Christmas, Bdays, starting a family and she /he were seriosly starting to have to think about selling the house and moving in with the folks :wall: but FINALLY he got an interview this week and it looks VERY promising and they were in pretty good spirits Thursday. But it willpay less, he will wo rk nights, (she works days) and they are not going to make as much money as before BUT....you have to start somewhere... SO THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS ~ HANG IN THERE~ I am sorry it is tought right now but it WILL get better~!
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04-29-2007, 10:11 PM
thanks for all the good thoughts and well wishes (and funny flash movies with singing smiley faces!) :teehee: :muah:

i'm hoping it'll happen this week. we'll have a lot of work to get done to the house so we can get it listed and hopefully sell, but i guess i'll have the time if it comes to that....blech. i'm ready for that sense of dread to go away!

okay, meghan....give yourself a hug. :hug: and get on with it!

04-29-2007, 11:11 PM
2+ years ago my Mother got a Very Rare kind of Bacterial meningitis (not infectious) and almost died
she did recover, but was going to need a LOT of care
my Sister was well able to do all of it, but she had 3 kids (preschool aged and baby) and I thought I could make a difference by coming up and helping out
I quit my Dream Job to leave pa and move here
I have a summer Job, where I can take the kids, and Mom can now Drive herself if she needs. I am headed up to her house to help her with a few problems
but other than my Summer job, we are surviving off the kids Survivor benefits
so we are living WAY thin
but it is doable, but it is a whole new learning curve to not spend the same way (even yarn)
childcare is the BIG reason I cannot afford to get a nursing job, it will cost nearly what I bring home
good luck
and I understand, in my own way