View Full Version : brainstorming a cell phone case pattern

04-30-2007, 12:20 PM
i've got this concept bouncing around in my head for a cell phone case. i may even try to add a pocket on the side for my mp3 player (very small). that way, they'll all be in one location when i'm digging through my purse.

i generally knit on 2 circs, or magic loop as i hate seaming. :!!!: so i was thinking i'd cast on enough to get a slightly snug fit for the cell phone, then knit in pattern (i've been wanting to try mini cables) until i get it as tall as i want it, then graft or bind off with 3 needles for the bottom. going back to the top, i would pick up stitches across one entire side at the top and knit a flap with an eyelet near the end so i can use it as a buttonhole.

another option would be to make a loop to hook around a button.

my dilemma, and where i'd love others' ideas, is how to get a pocket on the side for the mp3 and/or accessories.

maybe i just need to make knitty's 'on the moon' bag and put in some little dividers and attach a strap for carrying.

gosh, seems like i'm blithering on, but any ideas/input would be appreciated. even links if someone has already thought of this. (a distinct possibility.)

04-30-2007, 04:41 PM
I made an iPod sock that has a pocket for the earbuds. I used the pattern here: http://bobnbrenda.com/?page_id=35

05-01-2007, 05:21 PM
i checked out all the patterns. love them! so many ideas. what i ended up doing was making a sock with tiny cable ribbing. for my mp3 and accessories, i am going to make a separate pouch either with pockets on the outside, or maybe lining it with fabric and stitching pockets or sections inside. when i get a sec, i'll post a pic of the phone case. it came out super cute. :heart:

edited to add a big thank you!