View Full Version : any knitting festivals in NEW YORK till end of 2007

05-03-2007, 01:06 PM
Hi all from New york

any knitting festivals or flea market where i can visit ?

is 90 West battery park close to CAnal street (chinatown ) ???

thank you

05-03-2007, 03:51 PM
Welcome. I live in Battery Park City! There's a great yarn store down near me called "Seaport Yarn". You can check out their website here: http://www.seaportyarn.com/. They have great stuff, some expensive but the people there are super friendly. Some other yarn stores in the city that are in the downtown are are (I haven't been to some) are:

Purl (Sullivan Street in Soho)
Downtown Yarns (Avenue A)
The Point (West Village)
Knit NY (14th Street)

There are tons more in Midtown/Upper East Side/Upper West Side. PM me if you want more suggestions.

Good luck and enjoy your stay.


05-03-2007, 04:03 PM

I live just outside of NYC and try to hit the yarn stores in the city every couple of months.

Elizabeth gave you some great choices. I have been to almost of of them on the list. My favorite yarn stores are uptown though. It is very easy to get uptown by train.

I love Knitty City and Yarn Co - not too far from the Museum of Natural History. School Products is close to Macy's on 34th street.

If you want more information let me know and I can give you the details.


of troy
05-03-2007, 05:43 PM
getting arround NYC --is easy--with or with out a car, and there are lots of yarn stores.

it you are going to be in NYC longer than a week, you need to sign up with smileysyarns.com--get on their (and for that matter, seaports) mailing list.
these stores use Email to announce sales. (sometime these sale are only available to email subscribers!)

Smiley's is in queens, to get there, walk a block or two (OK a half dozen) to E train (first stop) take it to last stop (in Queens) E train is local in manhattan but express in queens and the whole trip isn't that long (30 minutes or so, and you can knit on the train!)

then transfer (free) to Z or J train (el train)and take it towards manhattan -(about 1/2 dozen stops) to woodhaven Blvd.
(be sort of towards front of train)
smiley's is downstairs (maybe across street)

it's an OK store on a regular basis, (check out their web page for the kind of stuff/sales they have on regular basis (store and on-line inventory are not identical but similar)

but their sales? let me just say the 'common' shopping bag at a sale is "Glad Pull tie Tall Kitchen garbage bag" (and its not unusual to see shoppers leaving with 2 or 3!)--think about how much yarn that is!

they have sock yarn (cervina Calzetteria) for $2 a ball (50gms) in 20 to 30 colors--and lots of other stuff.

it might not be worth a trip with out the week long sale, but its definately worth the trip to queens for a sale!

(you could just take J or Z from brooklyn bridge stop to woodhaven blvd, but its slow, (all local) and passes throught some 'unsavory' neighborhoods.. )

05-04-2007, 04:50 PM
thank you for all the info... so sweet of you all.. i will be staying at 90 west street .near liberty .one of the mariott execustay... i saw the photos online ...very nice....do you know issit near the kinokuniya japanese book store ? thank you

of troy
05-04-2007, 05:35 PM
the kinokuniya japanese book store? isn't that at/mear Rock Center?
(Rock center is 6th Avenue to 5th Avenue from 48th street to 51st street (its BIG!)

here the low down on getting round NYC

1--buy weekly (or monthly) bus subway cards. (unlimited rides per week or month) real NYers always take subway, bus, or walk! (anyone of the 3 are often faster than a cab!)

2 bus and subway maps are free, and while not perfecty atligned to what is going on above ground, there is a good corrilation.

get them at subway token booths (even if you walk back upstairs to take a bus.
subways run 24/7, and so do MOST (but not all) Buses.
cabs are metered and not cheap.

3--as the numbers go up, you are heading north (72nd street is North of 42nd street!)

4--AVEunes run NORTH/ South (1st avenue is EAST (its were the europeans first set on shore) 12 Avenue is west (hudson river)

5--Streets are East/West. and while way down town (where you will be) doesn't have streets with numbers, when numbers start, they go up, (1st street is at houston (that is HOUSE ton, not Hugh ston (a city in texas) we know how to say the city in texas, but our street has a different name!)
and continue up to 200th something street.

6-- Manhattan (just 1 of 5 boroughs in NYC) is about 4 miles wide (at its widest) and 13 miles long

it is one of the smallest (land mass ) parts of NYC, but has largest population.
(PS NYC population doubles during work day.. 8million + residents, 15 +million in city every day (commuters!) not all of the go to manhattan, but it's still a lot of people--in a very small space.)

7--there are (on average) 20 blocks to a mile.
want to go from Penn Station (34th street) to Times Square (42nd Street)? its about 1/2 mile walk. (10 to 15 minute walk.)

want to go from down town (where you will be) to Mus of Nat'l History?
Mus is at 81 street-- 1 mile from down town to 1st street. then 4 miles from 1st street to 81st. (5 miles) want to go to MET(art museum?
add an other mile to get crosstown (5th Avenue)

there are about 4 cross town (avenue) blocks to a mile--so from 1st avenue to 5th avenue--over 1 mile.

5th Avenue divides manhattan in to EAST WEST.
1 west 34th street or
1 west 42nd street or
1 west 57th street is very close to 5th Avenue

300 west 34th street or
300 west 42nd street or
300 west 57th Street is almost in River (hudson river

same goes for EAST --the higher the street address, the further you are from 5th Avenue.

so 200 West 34th street is pretty far from
300 East 42nd street
(since you have to walk crosstown as well as uptown.)

NOTE: Broadway, (an old indian trail) breaks all rules, and is, in some places on east side, but for the most part on the West side.. but it goes further and further west as it goes north

90+ streets in manhattan are 1 way.

It is impossible to drive in manhattan --so much so, NYS does not permit driving test to be given in manhattan! (since driving tests, test for 'basic, normal driving skills, and manhattan requires EXTRA NORMAL skills!)

PS when it comes to yarn stores, many are not on street level but inside building and often up or down stairs..

(seaport yarns is the entire 5th floor of a large office building!)

once you get used to grid (and most of NYC is grid,) finding your way round is like moving around an excell spread sheet!

05-04-2007, 06:02 PM
Ya... i would like to visit Kinokuniya store... they got alot of cool books there...

issit near to go to Chinatown , in canal street ?

thank you soooooo much for your info... you rocks !