View Full Version : Help with Frecklegirl Thong Pattern

05-04-2007, 10:50 PM
So my roomate and I just started knitting the frecklegirl thong pattern found here (http://kn1t.com/patterns/frecklegirl_thong/index.html) and I'm almost done with the back but I'm a bit confused with the directions.

Row 5: k3, k2tog, k until last 5, ssk, k3
Roq 6: k3, p2tog, p until last 5, p2tog, k3

repeat rows 5 & 6 until 5 sts remain

Now my problem is, if I have to knit 3 at the beginning and the end of each row then I'll end up with at least 6, not 5 AND how do I work the decreases when there's not enough stitches left to do both of them?

Help please.

05-05-2007, 12:08 AM
I wouldn't get too worried about it. When you get down to the final rows, you can probably work it so after you get to 6 you can work the center 2 together to get 5. At that point, though, it doesn't really matter that much since you're going into the icord.

I'd just work it until the last few rows and try to keep the decreases lined up.