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05-06-2007, 11:55 AM
Md Sheep and Wool was WONDERFUL!
As it was my first time I was totally not prepared fro how much yarn or how many cute sheep I would see. I was in awe!!!

I found some lovely hand dyed sock yarn from Dancing Leaf Farms (One of my favorites) I also picked up a drop spindle and some roving. (And an eclair for my mom)

The downside is that I have only been out of my boot cast for 1 week and Parking was AWFUL. I was a quarter mile from the gate, and parked in knee high grass-which was REALLY not good as I couldn't see the uneven terrain underneath. In retrospect, I should have donned my boot and begged the boyscouts to let me have handicapped parking!

I arrived at 10am after an hour in line to drive into the fairgrounds. It was a very pleasant wait as I had my Celtic Circle CD in and the scenery was beautiful.

Highlight of the day? I met Nikki!!! (mwedzi) She flew out from Chicago just to attend the festival. She was very sweet and sadly we didn't get to hang out long-just a few minutes really. She looked ADORABLE in the Anthrologie Inspired Caplet she made. I saw pics of it a while back so I recognized it immediately, but the pics really didn't do it justice! It was just beautiful.

By that time my foot was REALLY hurting so when we parted ways I decided to head home. I hadn't realized when I came in that I was parked over a hill so 90% of my walking back was uphill. By the time I made it to the car-which took 30 minutes) I was limping pretty bad. (DANG FOOT!!!) Today I am back in the boot trying to give it a break and doing plenty of knitting from the couch.

The black sheep was HILARIOUS! When someone would put their hand out to pet him he would back up, stomp his foot and then charge them for all about 3 feet. His pen was small so he couldn't get up much speed and by the time he got close the offending hand would be removed so he would stare at them like WHAAT? It was great.

There are more pics and I will put them up as time permits.

05-06-2007, 12:47 PM
I was there also! The park and hike to the grounds was really difficult through the tall grass even without foot problems! You should have been able to park in the handicapped spaces!!

The weather was perfect wasn't it!

I bought some microfiber ribbon from tessyarns.com that is hand dyed and gorgeous. I'm going to make a tank top with it.

05-06-2007, 12:56 PM
Wonderful...you have to show pictures of it!!!