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05-07-2007, 01:23 PM
We are going to be in San Diego in June since my husband has a conference. The conference is at the Catamaran Resort in Mission Bay. Our 2 year old will be with us. We have 4 days to stay else where. I was in La Jolla last year with my Mom and sister and we stayed at the Grande Colonial. It was excellent, but out of our budget since the vacation isn't being sponsored by Mom!

I have been looking on tripadvisor.com for some alternatives and other than the Best Western, there isn't much else we can afford in La Jolla. Other suggestion in La Jolla or the San Diego area for me?

What I like about La Jolla: beach, shopping, restaurants all in walking distance.


05-07-2007, 02:27 PM
Too bad you can't stay at the Catamaran. DH did during a conference once (I couldn't go that time) and said it was great. When I went with him the next year we stayed at the Bahia....which is a dump. :ick:

You'll get better suggestions from someone else, I'm sure. When I have to foot the bill, I actually like Best Western or Comfort Inn. I just need a clean, private room to sleep and shower.

I understand there's a really nice yarn shop there - Knitting in La Jolla?

Have a great time....it's a beautiful area. :mrgreen:

05-07-2007, 02:33 PM
We are staying at the Catamaran for at least the duration of his conference (4 days). I just thought it would be nice to stay else where for the "family" vacation portion of our vacation. I did not read good reviews of the Catamaran on trip advisor, so it makes me a little happier to hear that it was nice.

There is a Best Western in La Jolla but it too doesn't sound too promising.

There are actually 2 knitting stores in La Jolla. Shhh.... I didn't tell hubby that. Of course if we stay at the Best Western, there is more $ left over for shopping!


05-07-2007, 03:53 PM
Hiya! I live in San Diego county. La Jolla is the most exclusive section, as you probably know.

Coronado (http://www.coronadovisitorcenter.com/) is just south of Mission Bay, and is a must-visit for your trip. It's the largest resort on the western coastline. Have you seen the film, Some Like It Hot? Part of it was filmed at the Hotel del Coronado.

Between Mission Bay and Coronado is Old Town (http://www.oldtownsandiego.org/), the oldest community in the city. Cobblestone streets... quaint and otherworldly.

There's the Maritime Museum - you can't miss it. It'll be right there at the harbor where the tall ships and the warships are anchored. We walked past the USS Midway when we met friends for dinner last month. There's the Birch Aquarium and Sea World, as well as the SD Zoo or its sister, the Wild Animal Park, which is about 10 miles from my house in north county.

During June, the county fair (http://www.sdfair.com/) will be held at the Del Mar fairgrounds. Opening day for horse racing isn't until July 18th. It's a lovely town right on the ocean, north of San Diego.

There's tons o' stuff to do and see. So why am I sitting here telling you about it? I'm on vacation this week. ;)

PM me if you like.