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05-23-2007, 11:39 PM
Hey everyone, I just canNOT get knitting toys outta my head. I've been looking to start knitting teddy bears, and prefer somewhat the old-fashioned looking kind. The top contenders are:

The Knitted Teddy Bear, by Sandra Polley

Debbie Bliss Teddy Bears

Can anyone offer opinions? Which are easier to follow (I'm intermediate level), clear instructions, good diagrams, etc. And which are cuter!!

Thanks for y'all's help! I'm hopin' to hear some outspoken opinions on this one :thumbsup:

~ Jude

05-23-2007, 11:46 PM
I've only used the Sandra Polley book so my answer is a bit one sided. For the bear I made the instructions were clear and easy to understand. However, my stuffing technique left something to be desired; but the bear still did turn out cute, so I guess its a draw. Also, I would recommend getting the supplies you need before hand. HTH.

05-24-2007, 12:44 PM
Thanks for your input, MG! In terms of supplies, do you mean things like the eyes and joints, etc.?

I've been asking around, and I'm kinda surprised that it seems like not a lot of folks are making knitted teddy bears. Is it just me?

Any more opinions welcomed!! ;)

05-24-2007, 04:47 PM
I have the Debby blliss Teddy bears book. I made one and felt the instructions to put them together were hard to follow and had to get a friend help me put it together. if you are interested in the book, the price on it is 18.95. pm me with your address and I can get in the mail this weekend. Tillie

05-24-2007, 05:22 PM
Yes, it can be a bummer to be so close to completion and be unable to find the things you need to put your bear together. I think bears/knitted toys are hot one minute than not so much the next; however, depending on the pattern you use they can be a quick, cute knit. I have heard some people say there is a typo or two (not very big) in some of the instructions, but I personally didn't have any problems with the little bear I worked on. Also, I like the fact that there are patterns for smallish bears in her book since I do not have much room for a big bear. I'll try to check out my copy to see if I can give you any more insight into the book before you make a decision.

05-24-2007, 05:52 PM
Thanks Katrina and tillie for the input - a common complaint I hear 'bout the DB book is about the lack of clarity in instructions. Seems like I'm leaning towards Sandra Polley's book - yes, Katrina, if you have any other insight, it'd be much appreciated!!


05-25-2007, 09:05 PM
Update: ok, bought Sandra Polley's book, yarn, embroidery floss, pellets for weight, and eyes - even pipe cleaners to see if I could make the joints moveable. (already have stuffing) Thanks Katrina & tillie, for your input! It helped me decide.

'Nother question: I swear I've seen somewhere that someone knitted the body/legs in the round, but can't remember where, so I can check how they did it. :?? Any suggestions?? :shrug: (either how, or where to find out how)

05-25-2007, 09:24 PM
I swear I've seen somewhere that someone knitted the body/legs in the round, but can't remember where, so I can check how they did it. :?? Any suggestions?? :shrug: (either how, or where to find out how)
Me too! I have searched and searched and can't find who did it! I made one bear and my seaming skills leave much to be desired.I was very disappointed with my results.

I am thinking it shouldn't be too hard to convert it to knitting in the round, the leg looks a lot like a sock to me. I might just play with it this weekend and see if I can figure it out. If any one has any ideas I would love to here them!

Momto G B and H
05-25-2007, 10:08 PM
You could knit Bobby bear and baby Bobby from Blue Sky Alpacas. They are awfully cute. http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/secure-html/productImages/3762Large.jpg

05-26-2007, 01:05 AM
There is a pattern for a very cute bear in the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, as well as a bunny and a bear. They're all knitted in the round with minimal sewing. I haven't tried them yet but I'm seriously thinking about it!