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06-05-2007, 02:25 AM
OK so I am watching animal planet and there is this guy who has waaaaaay too many animals. He has a bunch of dogs in his house that have really bad fleas and his house is real dirty so they take away the dogs and wash them. THey tell the guy if he cleans his house he can have his dogs back. SO he does but then he also has goats. Long hair angora goats. And they have bad fleas and weren;t taken care of very well so the animal rescue people decide to keep them. So these animal resuce workers shave off thier fleece and just toss it aroud like its disgustig and I think they THREW IT AWAY!!!

SO the question is, are there more goatsm sheeps, Llamas (alpacas! *gasp*) what have you that are in animal shelters getting sheared and having thier fleece thrown away? How doe werescue the fleece? WE could get it, have it cleaned and carded and truned into roving, spun into yarn and we could make stuff from it and sell it to raise money for the rescued animals!

Now how would I go about doing that?:think:

Susan P.
06-05-2007, 05:19 AM
I would just ring an animal shelter or a vet or RSPCA (whatever you have there as an equivalent) and ask some questions. My bet is that the animal was so infested that the priority was to get the fleece off it - and fast - and treat all the bites and infections rather than letting the animal be driven mad. Solutions for fleas take time and the fleece may have been highly tangled and dirty. My guess is that they may have a dilemma in giving you the fleece on health grounds but you can only but ask.

06-05-2007, 01:38 PM
Also, if the animals were neglected, chances are their fleeces are in pretty bad condition also. They probably contain tons of bugs, grease, dirt and vegetable matter, not to mention being all matted together. Even if the authorities would clear the fleece health-wise to give to you (a big if), there would be a huge amount to work to get it clean, and if you manage that there's still a sizable chance it would be unusable due to the matting. So bottom line is it probably isn't worth it from a labor standpoint to try and "rescue" fleece.