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06-08-2007, 02:44 PM
just curious.
so i was the queen of knitted gifts before i had owen. i made baby blankets for every baby born from someone in my office or my family. i made blankets for weddings, christmas, or any other special occasion. i knit scarves and hats for gifts, etc.

what i realized today is, i never knit for me or for my family until after i had our baby.

while pregnant i couldn't touch the needles/hooks. for some reason it made my skin crawl, and i didn't have the attention span to do the simplest projects. i had to force myself to knit owen one pathetic hat (which was too small for his big head anyway!) everyone assumed i'd made him blankets and hats and sweaters and everything because of all the knitting gifts i made. that was not the case.

now, i'm finally starting to knit for me and my family. i've made afghans for us to snuggle under, a teddy bear, sweaters and hats for DS, ipod and gameboy cozies for DH, and a sweater or two for myself! i'm actually planning on picking up some yarn to knit DS a new afghan to sleep with. i'm hoping it'll be his blankie when he gets a bit bigger! i only hesitate because i'm scared it will be my priority instead of the baby blanket i need to finish for a friend of mine's baby shower on tuesday!

i just think it's funny how apparently a baby changes your life in more ways then one! it's even effected how (and who) i knit (for)!

anyone else have something like this happen?:shrug:

06-08-2007, 02:54 PM
I knit a little for everyone. However, like you, it wasn't until after I had been knitting for awhile that I started knitting for myself.

06-08-2007, 08:54 PM
My kids are either grown, or teens and wouldn't wear anything I knit anyway, with the exception of a hat my youngest hardly ever takes off... she even sleeps in it sometimes.

I knit for other people in my family, but they aren't recieved well either... i.e. the baby blanket I made for my new great niece, that "somehow" wound up as bedding for their dog. Their excuse was that they used it to get the dog used to the baby's smell ..huh???!! It was in her basket before the baby was even born!!