View Full Version : Somewhat OT: Billy Graham and Virgina Tech~

06-09-2007, 02:08 AM
Well.. I watched part of the Billy Graham special about Va Tech.. It was such a bittesweet thing to watch.. It is just so amazing how each person's life interacts with another and how we all effect each other with our actions.. I listened to the girl who lost her college roomate and BF on the day of the killlings... they talked about how everyone was calling each other on their cell phone trying to locate their friends and the ones who were lost just never had the chance to return the call or answer ...:pout:.. I could just picture calling,and calling, and calling and the person you care about just doesn't answer your calls.... and how your mind just begins to wonder WHERE ARE THEY????:pout::wall::wall: I just felt for the families who lost someone.. but I was also comforted by my faith and the fact that we have a Va Tech Healing Blanket thread on KH... and in some small way me or some other KHer may have eased someone else's painful burden.. Death is a HEAVY load to carry and I am just so glad that i and other KH could help in some small way..
Just my thoughts:waving:

06-09-2007, 02:46 AM
God always brings good out of bad...I've seen it too many times...

Often, it's by going through difficult times that we can help others.

I told my daughter that when she tore her ACL. She just had a teammate tear her ACL. The gal had surgery today (oops...it's almost 2am...yesterday), and my daughter was one of the first to call. She's walking her through it all and will be a role model since she's 4 1/2 months into physical therapy. GREAT experience for my daughter, despite her own hardships.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!!