View Full Version : ?pics? of plymouth baby blanket help

07-02-2007, 02:35 PM
anyone knit the Plymouth Bella Colour: (http://www.plymouthyarn.com/index.php?nav=cPatterns.patternGallery&pattern_id=001153&yarn_id=000143#001153)Pattern # S450 "baby set" blanket (http://www.plymouthyarn.com/index.php?nav=cPatterns.patternGallery&pattern_id=001153&yarn_id=000143#001153)? i have searched all over for a pic of the blanket to see what it looks like finished, as the pattern photo just shows it all wadded up in the cute little girls hand! grrrr
i read over the pattern, and it seems it is done in seed/double seed stitch with 3 4X4 cable running up it. thanks for any help

07-02-2007, 04:05 PM
Hi jeanius80,
Nice to meet you..I love knitting with Plymouth Bella Colour, but have not made that particular blanket. I have knit several children's sweater sets using the yarn with a 6-row seed stitch stripe running horizontally throughout the sweater & the seed stitch looks nice. I also made a crocheted little girls hat with a ruffled brim in pink! Just adorable:cheering:
Good luck with your project & let me know if you happen to find a more detailed picture of that blanket. What other projects have you made using Bella Colour?


07-02-2007, 04:25 PM
i just recieved my order, and it is 10 each of lavender & lace, and the blues. . . i haven't knitted with it yet, but it's so pretty! i might cast on for the pattern in the blues to start. lavendar & lace will either become another blanket or if the recipient ends up having a boy (we still don't know yet- too soon) i am going to use a different yarn :shrug: