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07-30-2007, 07:38 PM
Hi, just want to hear your sharing about it...
sometimes, i feel unfair about free pattern...ok, they are free, so we can share it but sometimes it's just for non-commercial use...but if i make it, then i think i still have right to sell it, i have efforts and yarns to be charged...so, ofcourse, it would be at a very loowwww price because design is not included...sometimes i just don't get it...if they want to share it, then why they applied this rule that rule...sorry, it's just weird for me...if i don't want other people to use commercially, then i would charge my patterns...after that, i hands up...up to my customer...if i'm afraid they will use commercially, then i won't share anything...:??unless, i'm doing charity myself...i mean, i make knit project for charity...

sometimes i also found that in other craft pattern, the commercial use is prohibited...i thought, if i bought pattern,the buyer must already know this risk and it's upto the customer because they've already buy it. so, if they're afraid that design is duplicated for commercial use, then sell the pattern for high price or don't sell at all...:shrug:...as long as the customer admit that the design is from 'here' or 'there' with little modification, etc, that's ok for me...sometimes, what i dont like is, if customer admit it that it's their own design...i totally disagree with this attitude...:fingerwag:

anyway, i can design,make basic pattern with formula not adjustment, and sew...so, i know that even my design has value, my basic pattern has value, my sew has value...if i fell discourage to share it for free then i decide i won't share a bit for free, but if want to do it for 'charity' then my heart must let go that may some people will use it commercially, like no regrets...anyway, who knows those people really need money...so, it's like indirect charity...that's kind of asian custom...we sometimes have to let go (our heart must let go or no regret) something that it's risk has already been predicted but we still do it...if we don't want to take the risk, then we won't do it at all...

i think i need enlightening about this...really...:eyes::eyes:...please share your thought to me...i don't live in western custom, so, it's weird for me to know that kind of rule...

but ofcourse, for special people i love, i will knit for them...:happydance:

thank you...

07-30-2007, 09:30 PM
Hi Nichan,

I'm no expert on the rules of pattern. And I've never tried to sell my knitting either.

But I do sew and have sewn for profit. [Things like wedding dresses and such].

The way that I've always handled doing craft work for other people is by selling my time.

I think you could apply this to knitting too. For example, if you were approached by someone who wanted a sweater you were wearing but it was from a pattern you bought, you could tell them they would have to buy the pattern too. I do that with the bridal gowns I've sewn. Each Bridesmaid buys her own pattern. Why? Often because they are very different sizes and yes I could alter, alter, alter patterns or I could take the easier road out.

I believe the intent of the "for commercial purposes" means that I can't make up 60 of a specific pattern, free or otherwise and then sell them under my name. Essentially the creativity behind the sweater isn't my own. I didn't design the pattern and I shouldn't take credit for someone else's efforts in such a public way.

I am not a lawyer, and I know I have likely made some errors but that's what I've understood.

Hope that made some sense!

07-30-2007, 11:18 PM
I think it's the intellectual copyright that the designers are trying to protect - and I'm pretty sure commercial use means over 60.

I'mcurrently knitting tons of simple hats and scarves to sell at our local christmas fete, but I only really need to price for time and maybe 20p profit on wool? Good question though

07-31-2007, 04:21 PM
I sell things from my own patterns. It cuts down on the number of different things I can sell (since I'm not a very experienced pattern person yet) but it seems to be the easiest way to sell my knitting.
I believe that you are usually not allowed to sell completed projects from a published pattern unless it states that, or you have made an arrangement with the pattern writer. A friend of mine is licensed to sell baby soakers that way from another person's pattern.
The other thing is that it is the written pattern which is copywritten I believe. So a baby hat on circular needles with the decreases in a star pattern doesn't belong to any one person, for example, it is the written pattern that belongs to that one person.

08-02-2007, 06:52 PM
I was so worry when i asked this question. I thought, i would get sinical answer...
but fiuh...really, these positive answers really gives me great knowledge...:yay:...i haven't have guts to open this thread for days...curious has encouraged me..

i'm kind of blind in this kind of craft business thing...i still can figure out with sewing because it's like i still have design and pattern to sell...i mean, besides time and skill, i still have something physical to sell (the pattern...it's in paper form...)...but with knit?...i'm NEW...i'm still learn about how to make my own pattern and design...

so, then, it's more like 'time' that we sell if we don't make design and pattern...yup...

i also honour other's ideas...that's why i ask this question...even, may be the 'legal' issue won't come to me but i feel ashamed myself if i just do it without honouring and give credit to the idea's owner (s) in whatever form...
i don't like it either if other people recognize my idea as theirs...but that's ok for me if they 'use' my idea and still give credit to me...
but to price something that i don't design, it's still confusing, especially with those rules...

hopefully these answer can help those who confused like me too...:zombie:...

08-02-2007, 07:10 PM
Also, I have to wonderful how much liberty you need to take with someone else's pattern before it becomes your own. Like, I use the basic structure of someone's bag (basically, just the series of increases or decreases, cast-on number, etc.) but change it up with different colors or intarsia or fair isle patterns, or put needle felted designs and stuff like that on it. Wouldn't doing that pretty much make it my own design? I mean, you can't copyright doing increaseson each side every ten rows and then doing a three needle bind-off. So I'm just wondering when it stops being just their pattern and is something that's your own creation... :shrug:

Karrying Kolor
08-03-2007, 10:15 AM
...Is a Concept that is owned not the components that structure the concept...

Do Re Mi is a component...How you arrange it musically is your own unless you sample someone else's concept exactly for sale...same with needlework!

It's a slippery slope...An experienced knitter/crocheter/seamstress can look at a garment, ID the stitch/structure and replicate it...It's called a "Knock-Off!" and legal.

Buy that persons pattern and recreate verbatum for sale, that is infringement.

I'm totally on the side of ethics but sometimes, it's hard to tell when and where the line has been crossed with something that have been given away on the internet no less.