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08-03-2007, 09:59 AM
I started these a few days ago, they're really really fun to knit, the colorwork makes them very interesting even though it's plain stockinette. More details on my blog (http://knitswithballs.blogspot.com).


08-03-2007, 12:37 PM
Oh my goodness, they're beautiful!!! I so want to do a pair of argyle socks, but I've never done intarsia. It's definitely on my to-do list. Yours look great so far!

08-03-2007, 01:10 PM
Beautiful work! And the colors are great. Very impressive.

08-03-2007, 01:12 PM
Wow. Your socks look great so far. I look forward to seeing your progress.:yay:

08-03-2007, 02:42 PM
OOo ooo ooo hurry up - knit faster; knit faster. I wanna see more; I wanna see more. :drool:

08-04-2007, 07:05 PM
Those look great! Is it hard? I will have to check out your blog! My son LOVES argyle and I'd love to do some for him but they do look intimidating! Maybe a knitalong, huh huh huh?:woohoo:

08-04-2007, 07:13 PM
PS I put you on my StumbleUpon blog!

08-04-2007, 10:36 PM
My Grandson just pointed out to me that your avatar is a transformer. He says that "those are the cool guys".

08-05-2007, 02:14 AM
Great project! Argyle socks used to be the test of a good knitter. I have never tried them, looks like fun.

08-05-2007, 09:35 AM
Those look great I can't wait to see them finished!

08-05-2007, 10:38 AM
Thanks all for your nice comments. They're not hard at all to knit. They look a little intimidating, the thing I was most concerned with was all the bobbins, but it's way better than trying to strand across those big blocks of color, and the bobbins behave themselves for the most part if I go slowly. The most important part to remember is to twist your strands of yarn when you make color changes, otherwise, you'll end up with holes and funky stitches.

The only thing I'm not totally happy about so far is that the diamonds are starting to look wider than they are tall. I was hoping for a more "square/even" looking diamond, but maybe that can be fixed during blocking. We'll see!

08-05-2007, 11:18 AM
:passedout: All those bobbins! Looks good so far.

08-05-2007, 06:28 PM
Very nice! I will be excited to see the finished project. I like the color combo too...


08-06-2007, 03:40 PM
:think: What exactly is the purpose of the bobbins? :shrug: Is it just a yarn strand organizational thing?

08-06-2007, 07:46 PM
:think: What exactly is the purpose of the bobbins? :shrug: Is it just a yarn strand organizational thing?
Yeah. If they were all coming off of individual skeins or balls, it'd be harder to untangle them. If it was just two colors, I could just untwist it, but 8 balls?! I don't think so. :)

And here's an updated progress pic while I'm at it. Yeah, I know, not much progress, but hey, at this point, I've almost doubled my work! :cheering: More details on my blog (http://knitswithballs.blogspot.com).


08-07-2007, 09:35 AM
And here's an updated progress pic while I'm at it. Yeah, I know, not much progress, but hey, at this point, I've almost doubled my work! :cheering: More details on my blog (http://knitswithballs.blogspot.com).

You are inspiring me!!! :inlove:

08-17-2007, 02:50 PM
Here's an update on my argyle sock. More details on my blog. I've actually made a little more progress than in this picture, I'm almost ready to start the toes.

ekgheiy have you started yours yet??? :poke:

08-17-2007, 04:06 PM
Wow - those are great. It's great to see your progress!

08-17-2007, 05:32 PM
ekgheiy have you started yours yet??? :poke:

*meak chuckle*

*Ahem* ... Allow me to change the subject ... Dude, your socks are coming along really nicely. :thumbsup:

08-17-2007, 11:46 PM

08-18-2007, 12:40 AM
haha I joined in!!!

08-19-2007, 01:51 PM
c'mon.....chicken..... Hm, I think I have fallen victim to peer pressure and reverse psychology :mrgreen:. You're such a baaaaad influence JGM!! However, my finger's not doing so well, so all socks are on the bench. :pout:

Keep your updates coming!!! :thumbsup:

08-19-2007, 02:27 PM
Those are amazing! Can't wait to see them finished.

08-22-2007, 10:42 AM
I finally finished the first sock! :cheering: I grafted the toes Sunday morning and promptly spent the rest of the day dealing with second sock syndrome. I did manage to cast on that night though and start the ribbing for the other sock. Since then, I've made good progress. The problem with taking pictures in natural daylight is they're immediately obsolete as I went inside and got almost another whole diamond row done. Maybe I can start the heel flap tonight? :pray:

More details on my blog. (http://knitswithballs.blogspot.com/2007/08/one-down.html)

08-22-2007, 12:38 PM

Jan in CA
08-22-2007, 12:39 PM
Wow those are cool!

08-23-2007, 02:31 PM
I realllllly really :heart: these.

08-24-2007, 10:22 AM
Those are truly amazing! I dont think I would have the patience to do that must detail. I like the yarn that makes me look smart by stripping itself!

Good job! You should be proud of yourself!

08-31-2007, 09:49 AM
Argyle socks are almost done. They still need the black lines to be duplicate stitched, but they're wearable now! More details on my blog (http://knitswithballs.blogspot.com/).

08-31-2007, 11:46 AM
NICE! I love Argyles. When I was in high school that was one way I picked boyfriends. LOL. I looked for the guys brave enough to wear them.

08-31-2007, 12:04 PM
Nicely done, JGM. And no Second Sock Syndrome for you :woohoo:.

08-31-2007, 04:11 PM