View Full Version : purlsoho cardigan (and loot)

09-01-2007, 05:29 PM
purlsoho cardigan pattern :inlove: (http://www.purlbee.com/striped-cardigan/)
check it out! so pretty.... i just picked up 6 cones of heritage wool and one is a slate blue and a bone.. think i might knit this as my first cardigan!:thumbsup:
i scored so big on this wool! i went to my goodwill to get a crock pot for dyeing, and saw the pink wool cone.. and thought it was perfect for dd (she's going to be a 'pig' for halloween... it gets cold here, so i am making her a simple hat with ears...) then i saw the blue, and the black, and the verigated, and the bone, and the brown.. :yay: then a huge cone of lace weight nylon or acrylic (not sure, it's not labeled) so all this great yarn, plus a crock pot, and it all came to $20.58!!:woohoo:i wish i could post piccies! my camera cord is still MIA
the yarns are 'heirloom' brand Nordic 100% Pure Virgin Wool..a dk/light worsted weight.. not sure on the lace weight though..