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10-17-2007, 05:27 AM
...is not just happening in the morning. This started a few days ago and it's all day long. Ugh!

I know that women have been going through this for millennia (and I know that a lot of women have had it a lot worse than I do) and I don't mean to be a whiner, but I've been lying in bed for hours feeling like I have to puke (I refuse) and now I'm eating gingersnaps because they are supposed to help and I just feel so...ugh.

Every woman who has ever had morning sickness and/or who has been pregnant has my utmost respect!!! I was pregnant last year (miscarried in December) but I had no morning sickness that time. This is a whole new ballpark.

Your favorite tips to feeling better are more than welcome!

10-17-2007, 06:11 AM
I can sympathise with you I had the sickness all day for three months then it went as quick as it came...It is so worth it in the end xx

10-17-2007, 07:12 AM
Try some of those accupressure wrist bands (http://www.sea-band.com/seaband.htm). They relieve nausea without any medication. A friend of mine used them when she was pregnant and said they helped her, so maybe they'll work for you. :)

10-17-2007, 07:15 AM
Oh, I thought the title was about hangovers.

Never mind... :mrgreen:

10-17-2007, 07:59 AM
Oh, I thought the title was about hangovers.

Never mind... :mrgreen:


gamerchik - hang on there!

10-17-2007, 08:20 AM
during the first few months of each of my pregnancies, I basicly lived on saltines and ginger ale.....helped with nausea and with heartburn.

10-17-2007, 09:01 AM
Real ginger might help. Eat something when you first wake-up before you get out of bed. I will try to find out what else my friends did to help with their's since they are still pregnant.

10-17-2007, 09:14 AM
I was like this with my daughter...the dr told me to have saltines on the table next to my bed... and before I sat up, rolled over, or anything first grab a cracker and start eating it... it did help some... the rest of the day I lived on Life Savers Mints (http://www.candywarehouse.com/wintergreens.html)...I don't know why but those helped me the best always had bags of them around the house and in the car...ginger ale helped too...

I hope the morning sickness leaves you soon:hug:

Mason :teehee:

10-17-2007, 09:19 AM
There are several safe herbal remedies you can try:

Ginger Ale or Ginger Tea
Morning Sickness Magic (http://www.blissbymom.com/Products/Detail.aspx?product=morning-sickness-magic) which works wonders for me.
Vitamin B6 and a capsule of ginger twice a day.
Preggie Pops or Drops (http://www.threelollies.com/)
Peppermint Tea.
Eat small snacks during the day, nothing to heavy. I eat some carbs (WW crackers) and a little protien (cheese or a slice of turkey) and a fruit (apple slices, grapes or dried fruit)
and here (http://www.expertvillage.com/videos/self-acupressure-treatment-nausea.htm) is a video for self acupressure for nausea.


10-17-2007, 09:49 AM
Peppermint generally helps me for the queasies but nothing ever helped with morning sickness. My last two I had to take medication for as I was losing way too much weight and dehydrating. Even with the meds I felt icky but everything I did eat or drink stayed down. Sorry you are feeling icky but really the payoff later is really really excellent!

10-17-2007, 10:12 AM
Oh I hated the morning sickness. I had it with my second child for 3 months straight, morning night, and even the middle of the night. Then one morning it was gone.

The wristbands helped a little, but I had to wear them for a couple days first. I got on a type of prenatal vitamin that wasn't as strong or something and eased it up a little, but it never completely went away.

good luck to you! Most people get over it in a few months. I know it sounds like a long time while you are experiencing it. Lots of good advise here!


10-17-2007, 10:18 AM
I found that constantly eating helped a lot. If my stomach got empty, I got sick. Also those sour altoids helped. Anything with carbonation made things worse. So, ginger ale did not work. I also had to eat first thing in the morning.

You might want to look into Preggie Pops. I hear they help a lot. Destination Maternity sells them but you can get them online. Right now I feel great though, and I'm not sick anymore. :)

10-17-2007, 10:22 AM
Oranges were wonderful. It was the one food my body didn't immediately want back out. Milk was absolutely awful!

I had to switch prenatals...I took two flintstone vitamins every day...one at breakfast, one at lunch. They have everything you need now, only in half the dose. It helped a lot to spread it out.

When I did that, I only got sick about once a day...for the first five months. Then it passed, and it was wonderful!


10-17-2007, 10:25 AM
Unsalted plain crackers... keep a pack beside the bed, eat a few before you get up in the morning, they absorb the stomach acid. Then when you get up, drink small sips of flat gingerale, at room temperature. Then once your stomach is more settled try some peppermint tea. It helps A LOT.

10-17-2007, 11:30 AM
Sorry to hear...it sucks! But, the reward is worth it.
I was sick all 9 months with both my children and the worst thing I ever heard was "rejoice in your morning sickness, it means your producing lots of good hormones."
The best advice my doctor gave me...eat what ever sounds good and you think will stay down.
Good luck!

10-17-2007, 01:12 PM
but I've been lying in bed for hours feeling like I have to puke (I refuse) and now I'm eating gingersnaps because they are supposed to help and I just feel so...ugh.

:rofl: I'm sorry, but that part about refusing to throw up tickled me. When I was pregnant with my son I had morning sickness all day long every day for my entire pregnancy. I tried to make myself not puke, but it never worked. LOL One day I was driving down the road and I was sitting at a red light. I had the horrible urge to vomit so I grabbed a full grocery bag and dumped all of the groceries into the floor board and threw up in the bag. There was a man sitting in the car next to mine at the intersection and he was staring at me with this horrified look on his face. I looked up, threw my hand in the air to say, "No! No! Don't watch me!" and threw up some more. I cried all the way home. It's funny looking back on it now.

My OB recommended the wrist bands, switching prenatal vitamins, eating candied ginger, etc. Nothing worked, so I just ate what I felt like eating (Jello Chocolate Pudding was my favorite) and puked when I felt the urge. I puked until I had busted blood vessels underneath my eyes and around my mouth, but my doctor said that unless I was vomiting blood or dropped a drastic amount of weight there was no reason to be concerned. I found that apple juice and cucumber slices were really helpful. Try and stay away from greasy or spicy foods.

Hang in there. It sucks, but I promise you - once the morning sickness goes away food will have never tasted better to you. :mrgreen: And it's worth it. My mom always told me that once you've had your baby all of the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, labor and birth are gone. It's weird. It's like you don't even remember it really.

10-17-2007, 01:33 PM
Take vitamin B6... it helps with nausea and is found in most prenatal vitamins. If you take it regularly it should subside the nausea.. also as soon as you wake up in the morning eat a few saltine crackers. (I used to sell prenatal vitamins) :)

10-17-2007, 03:32 PM
I feel your pain! I had morning sickness 24 hours a day, for the whole nine months, twice... but I was never really nauseous... I would just suddenly puke and then be OK again for a couple of hours. Very weird. Anyway, I got fresh ginger, grated it into a mug, poured steaming water over it and added some sweetner, and drank that all day long. It made me feel better, although I don't think it really helped with the puking.. LOL

10-17-2007, 05:21 PM
Thank you to everyone for your replies and suggestions -- especially to Mason for making me laugh about the hangover. :roflhard:

The gingersnaps actually did help me last night and I was able to go to sleep without feeling vomit-y. I am definitely going to try a few of the things you all suggested. I think I have some of those sea-bands around somewhere, and I love anything minty so the peppermint stuff might help too. I also have lots of saltines and apple juice.

I've started today off by eating some more gingersnaps, so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks again to everyone!!! :hug:

10-17-2007, 06:21 PM
I'm right there with you. I find eating all day helps. I understand the refusing to throw-up thing too. I feel the same way. I never feel better afterward as some people say they do. Every 30 minutes or so, I eat a couple of crackers, and it seems to help. The biggest pain is that I thought it was getting better until Monday when it got the worst it has been. Just try to keep a steady flow of things into your mouth, and make sure you drink plenty of water. If you find something that's a cure-all, let me know. I'm thinking of trying the acupressure bands as well.


10-17-2007, 10:09 PM
Hopefully, you don't have to sit at a work desk near the lunchroom smelling the microwave bags of butter flavored popcorn people cooked throughout the day, every day, like I did with my first pregnancy. That was the worst! It's been almost 18 years since then, but I still can't stand that smell to this day.

Hope you feel better soon!

10-18-2007, 02:01 AM
I'm right there with you. I find eating all day helps. I understand the refusing to throw-up thing too. I feel the same way. I never feel better afterward as some people say they do. Every 30 minutes or so, I eat a couple of crackers, and it seems to help. The biggest pain is that I thought it was getting better until Monday when it got the worst it has been. Just try to keep a steady flow of things into your mouth, and make sure you drink plenty of water. If you find something that's a cure-all, let me know. I'm thinking of trying the acupressure bands as well.


Ugh, you poor thing. Today was pretty up and down. How far along are you?

And dmknits: Microwave popcorn!!! I can see how that one would be gross.

Two smells I really like are:

1. Anything citrus (especially grapefruit and oranges)
2. Coffee (I'm not a coffee drinker, but my mom was making coffee the other day and the beans smelled really good to me).

10-18-2007, 09:29 AM
First, here's a :hug: - every woman deserved to be babied during a pregnancy - every one! I was sick every day, almost the whole pregnancy with all three, but only from about 3:00 until 6 or 7. Making dinner was a nightmare! I remember having to just sit down in the middle of chopping or cooking, and we ate a lot of mashed potatoes. My dh calls those days the "white food" days. I wanted everything bland - and I'm normally a pretty high spicer. Chicken broth helped, and pretzels. Saltines made it worse. Sometimes sour things worked, and peppermint. Find what works for you.

Hang in there! Just wait until you start with the cravings! Food NEVER tastes so good until you are satisfying a craving!

10-18-2007, 12:35 PM
I'm 11 weeks along now. But I think I finally found something that works for me. It's those seaband things. I feel so much better today, since I bought them yesterday. It may be psychological, but that's ok by me, as long as I feel better. Have you found something that's working for you?


10-18-2007, 04:28 PM
With both my pregnancies, I lost weight in the first trimester, and while I carry around a few extra pounds, I'm pretty average and I'm in the gain 25-35 pounds category. So I feel well-qualified to expound on MorningNoonNight sickness.

Some recommendations:
I wouldn't give my dog Perrier (no really, after I decided I hated it and still had three bottles of the four-pack left, we tried to give it to our dog, and she wouldn't drink it) but I LIVED on Clearly Canadian. For some carbonation sucks. For me, I couldn't drink plain water, and I was really worried about getting dehydrated, so I sought out flavored carbonated water and bought the store out.
Lemon drops can be helpful for some, hard candy kind.
There are papaya pills that are supposedly helpful. I liked them, but I don't know that they helped. I don't know they didn't either.
I second Unsaltines first thing in the morning. Wait 20 minutes before getting out of bed, to allow time to digest. You might still be sick, though.
Schweppes brand gingerale has the highest ginger content of major brands. They don't sell it where I live, so I used my family as couriers to get it here.
Toothpaste made me vomit. But unbrushed teeth are narsty too, so try a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (found in some pharmacies). Wash your hands well, then use a dime-size portion of baking soda with enough drops of the hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste. It tastes salty rather than minty, and does the job. Also, be careful to clean your teeth after throwing up. Bulimics are often outed when their teeth begin to rot from stomach acids. Don't lose your teeth along with your waistline!
Throwing up really hard can cause broken capillaries in the face, so once you've done it often enough, you can control it a little, so you don't fight it and end up with red eyes.
Know that it is easier to throw up something than nothing, so do drink something. If you are going to anyway, might as well not have it hurt.
Plastic sandwich baggies make good MorningNoonNight sickness bags for the car. I'd often throw up a little on my way to work in the morning, and while it is always better to pull over and stop the car, if you can't and don't want to have to go home to change and have you car cleaned, put some bags in the console in easy reach.
An extra shirt in your purse or desk drawer might be called for, as well. This goes double for when the kid is here- extra shirt goes in your diaper bag.
DO NOT, under any circumstances, throw up in the sink. I know, sometimes you feel like you can hardly reach the porcelain throne in time, and the sink is handy. I know this from personal experience. The plumbers were NOT sympathetic. The floor is better, trust me.

Some long-winded advice:
For some, it lasts all pregnancy. For a few, medicine or hospitalization is necessary. For many, it stops with the first trimester. So look forward to feeling your baby move inside you, it may herald the end of your sickness!

Remember, Your Mileage May Vary. Take all this with a grain of salt, try what works, discard what doesn't.

My mother can't stand pork chops to this day, because she was having a bad bout while cooking some for my father. And she only remembered why after I was whining about "morning" sickness being false advertising. The reason why people haven't really talked about this is because you develop a real amnesia about it. Think about it--- if you remembered how bad it was, you wouldn't do it again!

The same is true for labor. It's the worst pain of your life, but you can't remember the actual pain afterwards. John 16:21

In fact you forget so much of things that when you are living them seem unforgettable, that I have to urge you to take the time to write it all down. You won't believe what happened later when you re-read it.

This goes for your pregnancy- take photos to track your belly's expansion in the same place once a month, then more often as you get huge, then stop altogether when you are horrified at how huge you are, despite pleading from far away family to see what you look like.
And for the first year- a calendar works better than a baby book. Write down on the calendar hanging above the changing table (you'll spend half your days there anyway) any firsts, like first teeth, first smile, first rollover, and such.
When your kids are grown up and you are waiting for them to have grandchildren, you'll have time to transfer it into a pretty baby book.
Leave your camera out so you can take lots of pictures. A camera safely tucked away in a drawer won't capture a baby pulling up on the sofa the first time.
My hospital didn't do the whole handprint/footprint thing anymore, so bring one of those Babies R Us kits with you to the hospital. In a pinch, fingerpaints are available at Walgreen's.
It sucks to be sick. And everyone will force their story of how they had the Worst (Pregnancy, Delivery, Colic) Ever on you, we can't help it, it seems. Just be patient with us, and know that the odds are against you having everything turn out horribly. A bad first trimester might mean your second is a breeze! A bad pregnancy might mean your baby is an angel, and sleeps through the night in a matter of months. A bad labor might mean you will be blessed with great caring nurses who fully support whatever feeding decision you make, full-on help for BFing, or butting out and recommending different formulas. God only sends you as much as you can handle. Ignore all the horror stories, and trust in him.

Good luck!
P.S. A spouse in our FRG says chicken tastes best coming back up.

10-18-2007, 06:04 PM
Hopefully, you don't have to sit at a work desk near the lunchroom smelling the microwave bags of butter flavored popcorn people cooked throughout the day, every day, like I did with my first pregnancy. That was the worst! It's been almost 18 years since then, but I still can't stand that smell to this day.

Oh gosh, the smells. That's how I knew I was pregnant. I walked into the grocery store one night and the first scent that hit my nose was bread. I ran out into the parking lot and got sick right there. To this day I cannot stand the smell of loaf bread. I hated my pantry when I was pregnant because to me it always smelled like noodles and bread. I couldn't tolerate the smell of anything frying, after shave or rubber. I really liked lavender and peppermint.

LOL I also, for some unholy reason, had a real aversion to soup. I think it was because I was eating soup when I first realized I was feeling a bit pukey and something was "off". One night I went to my parents' house for dinner and I was actually enjoying a little quiche and some baked chicken when my dad started teasing me. He kept saying, "gee, Honey, this dinner sure is good, but it would be so much better if it there was soup with it." I started feeling green at that point, but he continued. "You know, some nice, thick, chunky stew with hunks of beef and peas and potatoes." I ran out the front door and threw up in their yard. I came in and my mom was bawling him out for making me sick. :rofl:

I actually conceived the week before Thanksgiving, so I had the thrill of being sick all Christmas day, all day on my 21st birthday (which was in January), Valentine's Day, Easter and the cruelest of all - Mother's Day. My mom called me one morning and asked me how I was doing. I said, "I think I'm okay this morning. I just ate a cinnamon Altoid and I think it helped." It wasn't two minutes later I said, "No, wait...it didn't. Hold on a second." I got sick, came back and got on the phone in tears wailing to my mother, "How in the world do you throw up an Altoid?!"

But like I said, in the end it's really worth it. So long as you let your doctor know if there is any blood coming up when you get sick or you have horrible stomach cramps it will be okay. I would go through it again ten times more because my son is amazing. :mrgreen:

10-18-2007, 08:21 PM
I had morning sickness with my first child for at least 6 weeks. It was awful- would vomit all day long and even projectile (yuck!). The only thing that worked for me to some degree was regular old Coke. Some women swear by the pregnancy lolli pops too, but I didn't try those. They sell the lolli pops online and in Motherhood Maternity stores in most malls. Best of luck to you. The second trimester is SOOO much better!

10-18-2007, 09:43 PM
lets see
after 3 sucessful pregnancies, and a few others not so successful

Chocolate pudding cups, the kinds from the grocery store
any time U R feeling qweezy eat one, might help you keep it down, but makes it a lot less nasy coming back up

to help me offset the nausea and vomitting (second two pregnancies, not the first, i did not know with her)
Home made custard (made with milk and eggs and sugar) and hard boiled eggs, and chicken/turkey

Ginger chews helped me more than the candies Ginger, and if you can get the jamaican Ginger Beer, its good too over a lot of ice.

Crackers did not help me much, but white rice did (Delivered from chinese restaraunt, eventually the hostess would call me if my neighbor was getting an order. I would tip a few dollars for a pint or so of just rice)

as to Ornages, the VERY sweet ones helped, but nothing sour for me, and the lifesavers were wonderul, as were canadian mints (the pink soft wintergreen ones)

Good Luck
sorry for your discomfort

10-18-2007, 11:04 PM
I only had morning sickness with my first and it only lasted about 2 weeks. The prenatal vitamins were the culprit and I did great after I switched to childrens chewables. I remember Mom telling me to eat crackers and drink milk to coat my stomach. I do NOT recommend that. Yuck! I mostly sucked on sour apple jolly ranchers. I was also sick after I delivered and that's the only thing I could keep down. I agree with whoever said throwing up something was better than nothing. It's a bunch less painfull.

I hope all of you suffering can find an easy solution. You deserve to be relaxed and enjoy your pregnancies instead of worrying about when and where you're going to barf!

10-19-2007, 07:07 PM
Thank you again for all of the suggestions. It helps knowing that all you ladies have been there, done that, lol.

I am finding that if I eat small amounts throughout the day (like eating one of those single-serving boxes of cereal without the milk), I'm doing a little better. Mints have helped a bit, and the ginger ale definitely made me feel better last night.

Debinoz, those sour apple jolly ranchers sound SO good. I must get some of those!


Mrs. Columbo
10-19-2007, 10:11 PM
I spent three months nauseated .... I have a severe phobia of vomit/vomiting or anything to do with it so I do not vomit .. I also have an anxiety and panic disorder .. I did the same as the other gal did, saltines on the nightstand before I even turned over .... dry toast .. flat ginger ale .. I carried crackers for months ... I could not leave the house for three months afraid I would get sick .. it did leave .. my daughter is 18 ...

Also if your stomach is empty you will feel worse because the stomach then goes into acidosis and feeds on itself .. then you become so nauseous you don't WANT to eat ...

10-21-2007, 04:44 PM
You have my utmost sympathy... I had it bad and solid for 10 weeks with my oldest - I lost 10 lbs in the first trimester. With my youngest daughter I had it not quite as badly, but it was nagging until about 15 weeks. Hang in there - I know it's hard when every other woman you hear about just "never had it" and you want to slug them! :wink:

10-21-2007, 04:55 PM
Thanks again. I am finding that some things work sometimes but that a lot of the time I just feel sick and there just doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. :ick:

For example...had some gingersnaps and water before I did ANYTHING else yesterday, and DH and I had a great day going around town putting Halloween costumes together. As soon as we got home...yuck, and no matter what I did, I was sick until 6am.

My poor stomach. :sad: Oh...and I am SO irritable. Poor DH. :teehee: We have an ultrasound tomorrow and hopefully we will get to see the baby and the heartbeat, so there's something to look forward to!

10-21-2007, 04:58 PM
Good luck! That was always my favorite part!