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10-21-2007, 03:37 PM
Never mind the folowing messege, I finally talked to the Plumber and he told me to just power it down and keep it powered down till he gets here first thing in the am.
he is even bringing coffee.
this WILL involve digging, wish my nephews did not have school
they would love this

I sent my daughter to go wash the dog, so i could finish a couple toys to be felted
and she comes back with "Mom we got NO WATER"
being the Mom I am, I got up to check, and we have vry little water (takes about 4 min to get one cup of water from the trickle from the open faucet)
checked the circuit breaker, not that
what I think is the pump is going on and off Quickly
from what I have found online
this is BAD

Any plumbers out there also Knit?


10-21-2007, 04:13 PM
Sounds like a problem with the pump's control circuit (just a guess). You could try simply killing the power to the pump, wait about a minute, and re-energize it. If that doesn't fix it you'll definitely need a pro to repair it.

If it has a filter, you may want to check that to ensure it isn't clogged.

10-21-2007, 04:23 PM
Thanks I will power down for a few min
then see what happens
I ahve a water filtration system of GOD (
if that is bad, I M sklewed

10-22-2007, 11:44 AM
News is worst
the pump is not QUITE dead
but the eason it is close to death is becasue its almost totally burried in Mud
not sure wy, but my well might have collapsed, or it could have been silt buildup
I have water, but its minimal at best
and I might be needing a new well Dug

and i just paid my HomeOwners Taxes
I don't have this money right now
Life SUCKS, its a good thing I have a stash of yarn, so I can enjoy my knitting


10-22-2007, 12:19 PM
Never let it be said that you can't find an answer to ANY question here at KH. Impressive, knitting_guy:).