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10-24-2007, 07:00 PM
Hey everyone! Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I think I've charted out the two mittens, and I just want some feedback because this is a huge first for me. Let me know what you think! Thanks :D

**It's a link because resizing it made it WAY too blurry :(**


10-24-2007, 07:03 PM
It's a lizard, of course! Not hard to see at all. Did I get it right?:) Just know, if you haven't done graphed charting before, that because there are always more rows to the inch than stitches to the inch, that the image will distort once knitted if you don't compensate for it. But if it's on a small item, it may not be so bad.

10-24-2007, 07:05 PM
This graph paper allows for that, though. They're not perfect squares - it's actually the chart from Hello Yarn, her Generic Norwegian Mitten chart.

I'm so glad you can see it! I can't believe I made it up and it looks decent!! :P lol

10-24-2007, 07:06 PM
Well if it isn't a lizard it might need some adjusting.:teehee:
It looks great. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

10-24-2007, 07:08 PM
Looks like a lizard/gecko to me! Very nice motif, well done!

10-24-2007, 07:24 PM
lizard of course:)

10-24-2007, 07:49 PM
It looks like the little Geico Gecko. My dh just loves that little lizzard. I am so glad he did not see this. He would want me to knit it for him.:roflhard::knitting:You did a good job~:cheering:

10-24-2007, 09:34 PM
It sounds like you're on the right track! Except now that you've revealed this talent, people on this site might start begging you to graph out their designs!:)

10-24-2007, 11:28 PM
Thanks, everyone! I feel like I've opened this whole new realm of creativity through knitting - it's dangerous!!! :woot:

Now I'm just waiting for the yarn to come in... :D

Lady Violet
10-24-2007, 11:33 PM
those are amazing!!! :woohoo:
i can't wait to see your progress. :)

10-24-2007, 11:37 PM
Be careful, though--if you plan to use the stranding technique, you might want to learn to trap your excess floats in the back (there are many tutorials on the web), because some of those carries are more than 5 stitches.

The charts look great and I can't wait to see the mittens done!

10-24-2007, 11:39 PM
Thanks, Braden! Yeah, I'm planning on trapping them, especially because they're mittens and I just didn't want to have to switch colors if it'd mess up the picture I wanted. I learned how to trap from the same place I learned Fair Isle, the Philosopher's Wool place. In fact, when I first started doing Fair Isle, I trapped everything that was like three or more stitches... which I no longer do, especially on hats and stuff.

Thanks for your feedback, friend :)

10-25-2007, 07:12 AM
Those are SUPER CUTE Rachel!! :cheering: Really, I'm totally impressed. I can't wait to see them knit up!

I only have one suggestion...
At the very bottom of the lizard, take out those 3 green stitches that touch the dark green border and make them the background color. I don't think you need them and since it's the only place where the animal touches the border, it might look weird. Just my opinion, of course! :)

10-25-2007, 10:10 AM
Thanks for that suggestion... this is exactly the type of constructive criticism I need :D