View Full Version : A small hole in my scarf......advice, please!

10-31-2007, 04:47 PM
I'm a newbie knitter and I've had many stops and starts on a scarf I'm making. I've made several trips to the knitting store lately when I encouner an error that I don't know how to fix.

I spotted a small hole in my scarf, probably 8 rows back or so. Here's the thing-I NEED to finish something. I CANNOT keep running to the LYS-heck, she's only open 5 days per week and I need to finish this. The hole is very small as the stitches are pretty small. I'm probably the only one who would notice.

So have any of you just ignored a hole? (I don't know how to frog and I'm afraid if I do it alone, I'll end up with more of a mess!) I think I can deal with it. I think.


Lady Violet
10-31-2007, 04:48 PM
it can be your little secret. you'll be the only one who knows it's there. no, really. that's how i would look at it! anything to make ya feel special. :wink:

10-31-2007, 05:19 PM
I would leave it also. I'm a fairly new knitter, too, and I've come to the conclusion that if it's not noticeable, just leave it. It's so hard to keep ripping out stitiches. I think you should just finish it and be very proud! :thumbsup:

10-31-2007, 06:16 PM
this scarf out by the end of the weekend!

(I know that sounds slow, but I only knit a few rows at a time since I have to pay SO much attention, and I'm also crocheting an afghan for my SIL)

Thanks again,

10-31-2007, 06:46 PM
You could always sew the hole in. If you join the yarn at the back of the work - you could recreate the v of a stocking stitch using a needle and some of the yarn. I have done this before and it works...

Actually I think this is called Stockinette stitch in US terminology...

10-31-2007, 07:18 PM
My first scarf had a hole in it too. No one else could see it but to me it looked like the Grand Canyon. It was for my 20-year-old niece and she loves.

The scarf is black(yes I made a black scarf as my first project :hair: ) and very long and and it turned out nice. Other than the humongous hole.

10-31-2007, 10:46 PM
Just make sure that the hole isn't caused by a dropped stitch. That can grow MUCH bigger over time. If it is a cropped stitch you can probably just catch it sith yarn and sew it so it doesn't run down any farther. If it was caused by a yarnover or something similar just ignore it. You'll probably be the only person who notices it.

11-01-2007, 09:28 AM
So I continue on.......

Dang, if I quit reading these boards all the time, I could probably get a lot more done!