View Full Version : New forum - help!

Tamar Dohel
11-03-2007, 05:47 AM
OK, I love this new forum's look and everything is clear and easy.

There is just one thing that I've not managed to figure out yet and that's how do I keep getting e-mails to my hotmail address to tell me that I've had a reply to someting I wrote on the forum.

That may explain why I've been a bit slow sometimes, (Nat!)

Thank you

11-03-2007, 07:58 AM
If you look above your post you will see something that says 'Thread Tools' - click on that and you will be given the option to subscribe to that particular thread.

As long as your email address on your profile is up-to-date then all notifications should be sent there.

Does that help?

ETA: You will need to do this for each thread you wish to subscribe to.

11-03-2007, 08:11 AM
You can also go to User CP, to Edit Options and there to choose the option to subscribe to all the threads you post or reply to. Then you'll automatically get e-mail notifications about replies.

Tamar Dohel
11-03-2007, 02:44 PM
Thanks girls!

I found it under: Edit Options; Default Thread Subscription Mode; and then chose: Instant E-mail Notification.

That's what I did. Hope it works