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11-03-2007, 08:46 PM
Please HELP on DBL Knit Hotpad pattern!!
Okay, after reading that someone else was going to tackle this pattern, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm SO lost. I watched the video and it seems pretty straight forward - except she's on the last row and I'm an inexperienced knitter. I'm very confused by the chart. I've never read a chart before. I finished up the part of the pattern that is written out for Row 1 and Row 2. Do I begin on row 3 of the chart or the 1st row of the chart now? Also, how do I read this chart? Do I start at the bottomr right and move left? Do I always start at the right and move left (I read this on a knitting site - not this one) or do I work right to left, turn work, and then move left to right?

ARGH! I love this site and I am so grateful for the terrific videos, but obviously I'm a little dense yet. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

11-03-2007, 10:56 PM
I've made this pattern a few times. The first 3 times were frogged as I worked on getting the hang of reading the chart.

Only work one row at a time. Start at the far right corner. The coloured square represents two stitches. It stands for the colour you knit first. Then you knit the opposite colour.

Then read the next square. Colour shown first then colour not shown.

Repeat through to the end of the row.

[for example, white square shown, knit white first, then knit red... then white square shown, repeat knit white first then knit red... then red square shown... knit red first then white.]

Now, when you are ready to knit the next row you must remember that you are looking at the reverse side of the project.

I can't remember 100% so perhaps some one can say for sure, but I believe you knit the colour opposite the square shown. So you'd be knitting row two, but the opposite of the chart and from the opposite direction.

Hopefully I haven't messed that up too much. I know it took me a number of times to figure it out... and now I can 'see' it but am having a hard time getting my words to say what I'm seeing in my imagination!

11-03-2007, 11:58 PM
It's complicated. But it will start making sense soon enough -- I had plenty of "huh?" moments over it, but now have a completed version of the project :)

After doing rows 1 and 2, you would start with row 3 of the chart.

The chart shows what the ... well, it's not really a "RS", since double-knitting gives two right sides, but let's say side 1 and side 2. The chart shows what side 1 will look like when you're done. Side 2 is the same but with opposite colors. So when you're doing a row with side 1 facing you, you would read the chart right to left, and the knit stitches (which are side 1) will be the color indicated. The purl stitches (side 2) are the opposite color from what you just knit. When you're doing a row with side 2 facing you, you would read the chart left to right and kind of inverse, so the knit stitches (side 2) are the opposite of what's shown on the chart, and the purl stitches (side 2) are the chart color.

The first and last stitches aren't shown on the chart -- those are edge stitches, and they're slipped at the beginning of a row and purled with both colors at the end of the row. (And the with-both-colors thing counts as a single stitch.)

For the non-edge stitches: Row 1, which is the same as Row 1 (bottom row) of the chart, you do the K stitches in white, and the alternate P stitches in red. Row 2, which is Row 2 of the chart, you do one K in red, all-but-last in white, and one in red; this is inverse colors to what's shown on the chart, because you're doing the reverse side. The purl stitches are as done in the chart (one white, all-but-last in red, one in white).

So Row 3, which isn't described in the text of the pattern but only in the chart, you would have the K stitch pattern of one white, one red, one white, three red, one white, three red, (one-plus-three repeated a bunch), one white, one red, one white. The alternate purl stitches are the inverse colors: red, white, red, three white, one red, three white, (one plus three repeated a bunch), one red, one white, one red.

One thing to be careful of, which tripped me up and led to frogging -- I found it very hard to look at the work and know where I was. That is, if I kept a detailed idea of which line I was on, and made sure I was seeing the correct line of the chart, I was fine, but if I tried looking at the knitting to figure out where I was, I was hopelessly lost. So it's really important -- at least when you first start, at least if you're anything like me -- to keep close track of where you are. (And especially with the zigzaggy side patterns, you have to look at what's actually on the needle, not the first visible full stitch below that.)

11-04-2007, 09:23 AM
One thing I did do which helped, was make a checker board version... that really helped me understand how the knitting and patterning came together... I forgot about that but the Man reminded me of that...

And he said it was very amusing to watch me muttering and fussing at some sticks and threads...


11-04-2007, 09:26 AM
Men can be so ummmmm helpful when watching can't they? Sticks and thread, sheesh!!!