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11-05-2007, 04:58 PM
...in knit swim suits? I just dont get it. First, knit objects are warm, something not ideal for summer. Second, if you went to the pool, I would think the chlorine would bleach your suit. And third, if stretched, lots of knitting could reveal some things one probably wouldnt want to reveal to the whole beach. I just dont get it. :???: :??

11-05-2007, 05:24 PM
i don't get knitted swimsuits either. i've seen a couple patterns that look cute and claim that they will hold up in the water but i honestly think they are more for laying out in the sun. but, i would have to pick my yarn very carefully or would have to line it to feel comfortable wearing a knit bikini!

11-05-2007, 07:16 PM
I used to agree with you, but now that I don't really swim much, I definitely see the point, they're cute! I usually just sit by the water and read or knit, so a swimsuit that I couldn't really swim in makes sense. I think it's just something else that people thought "I don't want to that, it's too expensive/ wrong colour/ whatever...I'll knit it!"

11-05-2007, 07:18 PM
:?? I never got it, either. Or knit pants. :lol: (for most of us anyway!)

11-05-2007, 09:52 PM
yep, I could never figure out the practicality of knitted swimsuits either. even throwing practicality aside, I figure it better be knit with size 00 and like, idk, worsted maybe (that's a joke :). just the thought of combining 00s and worsted makes my hands hurt :zombie:...), so as not to let stuff peek through. but if I had the body I had 7 years ago, I might consider knitting myself one. not to swim in, just to lounge in. ok, forget the bottoms, maybe just a knitted bikini top, and wear a nice long sarong type thing covering most of my legs. idk. :think: :nails:

11-06-2007, 07:06 AM
I don't understand them either. And a friend knit a sunhat in green worsted weight wool, and I REALLY didn't understand that!

11-06-2007, 10:40 PM
Sounds like a painfully slow death to perfectly good yarn. . . .