View Full Version : me- big fat liar/ to coolhntrknits

11-09-2007, 03:24 PM
I just told a big fat lie to 'coolhntrknits' in chat and I didn't mean to!!!!!

I've been studying flat knitting, it's where you don't turn your work (or loom knitting) so my brain was all bombarded with THAT. So I lied about making the ends of a project and sides not curl. Can I have a second chance to redeem myself????? heh

Sorry 'coolhntrknits' to make garter stitch you either knit every stitch or purl every stitch in the area you WANT to have the garter. NOT what I said which was a lie which I won't repeat! hehheh I'm so sorry, this is probably totally confusing. SORRY! But to make the garter stitch/noncurling stitch simply knit or purl for the few stitches of garter you want no matter which direction or side you're on. Pick one stitch... knit or purl and stick with it for the edge and end.

Sorry again... poor dear listening to a person (me) mostly brain dead. Sigh. Didn't mean to confuse you nor tell you something not applicable. I really do feel frustrated I did that. But... please know I SURE DIDN'T MEAN TO. ;)


Jan in CA
11-09-2007, 03:50 PM
:teehee: Stuff happens!

Garter stitch doesn't curl though. It's often used as a border on stockinette which does curl without something around it.