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11-09-2007, 06:21 PM
Hi guys,
It seems a lot of people knit for others, but are there people that you just don't bother knitting for? I was planning to make a pair of socks (Hedera, from Knitty) for one of my friends for Christmas. While making another pair of socks in the same weight yarn, my bf remarked to me that the stitches were tiny and that it seemed like it was a lot of work. I replied that it was, but that I enjoyed it anyway.

But that got me thinking... and I started to feel that maybe I would make Hedera for myself instead of my friend, because I don't think she'd appreciate how much work actually goes into them. Then I started feeling guilty for feeling that. I like giving away knitted gifts, and when people appreciate it, it's a really good feeling. I've made a hat for this friend before and the first thing she said was that it was too big, and she didn't like the colour very much (though she had picked out the yarn herself). And later she told me someone told her it was the most hideous hat ever. And apparently she's lost the hat now.

I don't really want to make her stuff anymore, but if she sees that I've made myself a scarf (or something for someone else) she'll complain that I never make her anything. And then I feel obligated to make her something. :shrug:

I like making stuff for older people, they always seem to enjoy the gifts more. *sigh* This makes me wish I had thanked my grandmother (she passed away when I was 11) for the crocheted things she gave us when I was little. I used to think they were tacky but now I realize how much work and love she put into them.:pout:


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Oh. Haha. Now I'm embarrassed. I tried to do a search but didn't find anything. :wall:

Thanks for the link.