View Full Version : Medieval purse KAL, maybe

Becky Morgan
11-09-2007, 07:10 PM
I was looking through a very old and now coverless Household Crochet magazine yesterday and ran across what they claim is a medieval purse with a trick closure. It's not clear to me whether the pattern could be copyrighted or whether such would still apply, and I'm knitting this anyway, so I'll paraphrase, translate and explain why I did what:
The purse is a smallish tube. The instructions called for 50 stitches and said to "crochet very closely". I took that to mean "knit it in wool and felt it". I'm double-knitting, since it';s a tube and that way I don't need to seam the bottom. When you get the length you want, plus any allowance for felting, the instructions call for cutting 25 12" lengths of yarn, doubling them, and knotting them through all the stitches on one side, then pulling each double strand through the corresponding stitch on the opposite side, pulling all the strands up and making a knot in the end. To open the purse, you have to poke your fingers through the cords and shove sideways. Stuff won't fall out of the top and the whole thing can be hung on a belt through the cords under the top knot. Given the method of opening, I don't know that it would work as a cell phone cozy, but your mileage may vary:)

The whole thing sounded intriguing. I did use 50 stitches, but in the Lion Wool I have handy it looks as if it's going to be bigger than I anticipated. I'll let you all know what happens. If anyone else cares to try it, you'll probably get done before me, so let me know if it works! :wink: