View Full Version : I did my first cable this evening!

11-11-2007, 09:27 PM
I found the pattern on the Lion Brand site under Knitting Patterns-it's called Learn to Make a Cable or something like that. It's a scarf pattern. I've only done one "round" but it looks pretty good! (I DO see why y'all like the reversible ones, though!)

I'm not sure if I'm crazy about doing cables, but I guess it's just awkward at first. Do they get faster as you do more? I was crawling along!


11-11-2007, 09:44 PM
Hey, the first one is the hardest. It DOES get easier. Keep up the good work.

11-11-2007, 09:47 PM
:cheering: good for your!! I was not crazy about cables either at first when I started tried them!!! I even found them physically hard to do, to manipulate the neddles, the yarn, etc. But I have been liking them as I have kept doing them. I feel like I have finally mastered the movements and now it is pretty easy, no more finger/hand hurting or frustration. But it took time.

Still, it is so nice when you do your first cables, you think "oh, I did it, and they look good!" :heart:

11-11-2007, 09:52 PM
They are awkward at first but once you get the hang of it, they are really fun. I just finished a bag and am in the process of seaming a cable sweater. I'm hooked!:)

11-11-2007, 09:56 PM

I too just tried to get a handle on cables - made a swatch for a scarf (which I've since decided I don't like) and just Saturday made my husband's grandmother some fingerless mittens (Fetching in acrylic). I think there are plenty of things to knit where only one side shows, that I'll be doing a lot more cabling in the future!

11-12-2007, 06:08 PM
Be careful - once you have mastered cabling you will find it hard to resist. Everything I do now is cabled all over.... and i dont mind if people see the wrong side.

Cant be doint with bent cable needles mind.

11-12-2007, 06:13 PM
Congratulations! Cables do go faster after awhile and they are addictive. They make a huge visual impact (especially to nonknitters) for little effort.

11-12-2007, 07:34 PM
I'm about a quarter of the way done on a cable scarf. It was my first cable too, along with a stitch other than stockinette or garter (moss I believe). I did drop the cable need a few times, but once I figured out the hows and such, it's going much more smoothly. I can't wait to see a picture of your FO.

11-12-2007, 07:58 PM
I can't wait to see a picture of your FO.

I hope you're not in a hurry! :mrgreen:

11-12-2007, 08:53 PM
Congratulations. Cables are fun and addictive. I am on my 5th Irish Hiking Scarf in the past two weeks. Trying to hurry to beat the cold weather in Tenn. I have 5 young ladies waiting. Of course they have to have hats to match so am doing a Silver's hat for each one also.:knitting::knitting::knitting::knitting:

11-12-2007, 09:54 PM
Congrats! Cables do look cool, and yeah they do get easier as you go.

11-13-2007, 01:54 AM
I think cables got easier for me when I realized that I could use circular needles for a cable needle because before then I had been using an old hair curler pin to hold the stitches

Lisa R.
11-13-2007, 11:09 AM
I love doing cables. I think that was the thing that made me feel like I was finally a "real knitter." Doing something a little more advanced than garter and stockinette!

I've done to cabled scarves for Christmas gifts, and I'm thrilled with them because they look so complicated and get some "oohs and aahs" --but they were really quite easy to knit!


of troy
11-13-2007, 03:20 PM
good for you! do cables get easier? yes and no

you get better at them, and start doing more and more complex cables.. (so they get easy, then hard, then easy then hard..)
and then you get bored...

and learn lace.. and its hard, (till it gets easy, and then you do more complex lace.. and its hard.. and then easy..)

and then you learn color work.. (hard, then easy, then hard...)

and then you learn.....

45 years of knitting, and i'm still learning.. (very few things are hard... but after 45 years, what do you expect!)