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11-16-2007, 12:58 PM
hi my name is knittinqueen um i am 11 and i love 2 knitt but i need a little help so if any1 can send me a mesage that would be nice . also i don't really get why there are 2 different meathods, like there is a english meathod and there is a nouther meathod but i forget, but i want to no what is the differentce.
thank u ,knittinqueen

11-16-2007, 01:10 PM
Hi knittingqueen,

You may be our youngest member, and welcome!!!

Here is the difference between continental (German) and thrown (English): In continental, you keep the yarn sort of wrapped round your left fingers and use that hand to help get the yarn on the right hand needle to make a new stitch. In thrown, you take the yarn in your right hand and bring it round the right hand needle to make a new stitch. There are videos on this site to show you the 2 different ways. If you go to the top of this page and click on "view videos", then click on "knit". There will be 2 videos, one pink and one blue and they will show you both ways of knitting and you can probably figure it out from that. Maybe one of your parents can watch them with you and help you figure which way you're knitting.

So what did you need help with, with your knitting? If you tell us your questions, people will post answers. Sometimes it may take a few hours, but it will happen. Then you can read through the answers and see what helps you the most. If you don't understand the answers, just ask some more questions-- that's what the adults do, here!:) There are no stupid questions!!!

11-16-2007, 01:13 PM
Welcome, how nice to see a youngun' knitting:cheering: My suggestion is that you learn BOTH methods and become comfortable with them both. That way you will have it made when you do two color knitting and can handle two colors at once. When you get older (like many of us) it is harder to learn!

Be sure to post some of your FO's!

of troy
11-16-2007, 07:58 PM
queen, there are MANY MANY ways to knit not just 2!

the big three
Western (both english and continental are western!)
Eastern (found in near (turkey) mid (arabia) and part of far east!)
Combo (found in parts of eastern europe, near and mid east, far east, and south america!)this method combimes both eastern and western methods!

Western has the 2 big divisions (basicly yarn in right hand, or yarn in left hand, (English(right hand) and Continental (left hand)

but there are still variations.. the french (won't admit it!) but they tend to knit in the english (right hand yarn hold) style--but they do some (many!) things differently --starting at how they hold the yarn in their right hand!

but German's? they tend to favor left hand yarn hold.

the russians (well many russian, and many in former SS) tend to knit combo!

the greeks don't wrap yarn round their fingers (as many european knitters do) but they wrap it round their neck!--(this is an eastern style, but their stitch formation, tend to be european, making this knitting an other form of combo knitting!)

and the portugues (in theory, on the contitnent of europe, and in theory, continental knitter!) form stitches with their thumbs (an eastern style, but they don't tend to knit fully eastern, and rather knit combo,--forming half their stitches in a european style, and half in a eastern style --a combination of eastern and western styles!

the scots (they've shared a monarch for 300+ years with the english.) But they don't knit in the english style, but in their own style (and often use a 'harness' (a tool to hold the left needle so they can almost knit single handedly!)
sometimes they use their arm or knees to hold the second needle..

EVERYWHERE you go, there are variation on how people knit!

and everywhere you go, knitting end up looking the same!

as time goes by, you too, might learn other methods of knitting.

me? i am strict left hand yarn holder..
but i can knit
combo (my basic style)
continental (rarely)
with my thumb (only when showing off, but i can do it!)
backwards/true left handed (from the LEFT needle to the Right needle) --almost as fast as my standard
and i have on occations, uses a scots style!

I have seen lots of different styles of knitting of the years.. and I think its wonderful...

there aren't 2 methods.. there are as many methods as people have divised! and each of them is as PROPER as the other!

(i also know lots of ways to cast on, (40 or so!) and lots of ways to knit socks, (toe up, cuff down, flap/turned gussets heels, afterthought heels, peasant heels, short row heels (and toes) wedge heels and toes, sherman heels, strong heels...))