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11-18-2007, 07:18 AM
hi everyone

sorry i haven't posted in ages, i have had problems with ao flipping l, it has ended up that we have had to change providers.

anyway i haven't been able to knit for 6 months pluss (don't ask me how i have coped, i have been bored to death lol.

anyway, now i am back with it and can knit again (yey lol) i want a hat pattern.

its for my 4 year old who's head is the same size as mine!! i have had a look on google but found nothing that i like enough to knit.

i have got dk yarn in a beautiful blue that i want to use and have about 120 grams left of it.

anyone know a pttern that is a litle more interesting than plain that uses that little please?

i'd guess he'd need a teenagers sized hat

any ideas please?

i will get around to posting some pictures of what i have knitted in the past.