View Full Version : Candy canes, knitted or crocheted

Becky Morgan
11-18-2007, 08:45 PM
This pattern, such as it is, is so old I can't imagine it's copyrighted. I've seen decorations in drawings in the late 1800s that look like it.
You need:
Scraps of red and white yarn or thread
A pipe cleaner, preferably red or white OR
a twist tie if you're using thread
To crochet:
Chain however many you want with red. In worsted, 35 works well (but 21 makes a decent peppermint stick.)
3 sc in each ch across. Finish off.
Now do exactly the same thing with white.

To knit:
Cast on however many you want with red. Knit, purl, and knit into each stitch across (in other words, double increase in every stitch.) Bind off. Make another strip exactly the same with white.

For either:
Wrap both around the pipe cleaner or twist tie and bend it to suit yourself. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaner or twist tie to secure the twists AND so you don't scratch yourself. (It IS possible to wind thread strips around a safety pin, but you have to juggle it some. It's easier to just stick the pin through the back of the work after it's done if you want to use it as a coat or jacket pin.) A nice green bow looks good on these.