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11-19-2007, 07:48 PM
Okay, here's the story...

I want to make a hat for my brother who lives in Wisconsin for Christmas. He really likes the Green Bay Packers' (Green and Gold). I've already bought one skein each 7oz Worsted Medium (4) Red Heart (one in Green and one in Gold).

This is a pattern I found that looks kind of easy, but it doesn't say anything about changing colors (the picture is pink and black). What row would I start at to change colors, and how?


Also, since this is my VERY FIRST knitting project, I'm wondering what needles I should use, and whether there is another hat pattern out there that's easier than the one I listed above.

These are all of the different Needles I have:
US 6 DPNs (Set of 4)
US 6 Straight (Set of 2)

US 8 DPNs (Set of 4)
US 8 circular (29")

US10 DPNs (Set of 5)
US10 circular (29")

US11 DPNs (Set of 5)
US11 Straight (Set of 2)

Please reply with any suggestions (easier patterns, which needles to use, how to switch colors, etc.) or email littlegoblin@gmail.com

LittleGoblin :knitting:

11-19-2007, 11:20 PM
That's a pretty standard hat pattern, I don't think they get much easier than that. Since it's for a man, you might try to knit with the 8's and see how big it is.

If it's too big, you can change the number you cast on. In fact, here is a site that has a simple hat pattern that you adapt to fit your needles and yarn.

As for changing colors, just start knitting with the new color for as many rows as you like, then switch back. Leave a tail to snug up and weave in later.