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01-21-2008, 11:42 PM
I joined a ravelry group with this same title. I know not all of us are on the rav yet, so I thought I'd start a group here too!

The basic idea is that you make a list of 101 things, and then you set a goal of completing those things in 1001 days... about 2 years and 8 months.

You can use this website (http://www.timeanddate.com/date/dateadd.html) to calculate your end date. I'm planning on starting February 1st, so my end date will be Friday, October 29th, 2010.

Want to join me? We can use this thread to post our 101 things, dates, and give each other support and celebration for completing our goals. My list isn't quite finished, have about 20 more to add.

Here's the original site (http://triplux.com/dayzero/default.asp?view=gettingstarted), if you're interesed in joining that as well.

01-22-2008, 01:34 AM
uuuh.... I may be a little too horrified to realize that in a little over 1000 days I will freakin' be FOURTY to consider doing this. :noway:

01-22-2008, 10:05 AM
uuuh.... I may be a little too horrified to realize that in a little over 1000 days I will freakin' be FOURTY to consider doing this. :noway:
:hug: there, there... it will be ok....:rofl:

(just a number remeber..you are as young as you feel... and 40 is the new 20)

I became anxious just the thought of doing this...I'll do it through you Hildie and provide support... :thumbsup:

01-22-2008, 10:57 AM
Breh, we can make that into a positive! We can add "Turn the Big X-oh" on our lists, and then all we have to do that day is wake up! :thumbsup:

Jan in CA
01-22-2008, 11:46 AM
Do we set the date after we've made the list or before? I'll give it a try!

01-22-2008, 02:44 PM
:cheering: yay jan!!!!

I set my date as Feb 1st so i would have time to make the list :)
It's your 101 things, so you can do what you want!

Jan in CA
01-22-2008, 02:45 PM
:cheering: yay jan!!!!

I set my date as Feb 1st so i would have time to make the list :)
It's your 101 things, so you can do what you want!

Okay! Now to come up with 101 things.. :zombie:

01-22-2008, 02:51 PM
Would doing the dishes 101 times in 1001 days acceptable? :teehee:

01-22-2008, 03:22 PM
Okay, here is my list! I'm starting Feb 1st, and my end date is Oct 29th, 2010

1) Organize and maintain yarn stash
2) Save 500 dollars
3) Make a sweater
4) Lose 100 pounds
5) Perfect the “smoky eye” look
6) Set-up and maintain online bill pay
7) Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
8) Write Dissertation
9) Graduate
10) Stop biting my fingernails for GOOD
11) Go to the dentist
12) Establish a plan to GET OUT OF DEBT
13) Freeze cards with a zero balance
14) Fulltime faculty at an institute of higher learning
15) Stop smoking
16) Use yard sale finds for bedroom: dresser, nightstand, chair(?)
17) Recover orange flower chair for living room
18) Fix buffet
19) Save $$$ for mom’s 60th birthday ring (Aug 12 2010)
20) Read 10 books I haven’t read that I already own
21) See a show on Broadway
22) Save $$$ for a Contiki vacation
23) Drink 6 glasses of water a day
24) Join curves/ exercise 4x every week for 6 months
25) Downsize clothing; get rid of what doesn’t fit, is outdated, has been in the mending box.
26) Downsize shoes; same as above.
27) Take a glass-blowing class
28) Piece a top for a quilt (no strip cutting)
29) Have quilt professionally finished
30) Go fishing on the Mississippi
31) Start a 101 things blog; make weekly entries
32) Set up a “charging station” for phone, DS, batteries, etc
33) Make 5 Christmas presents
34) Organize/downsize photos
35) Make photo collections/collages to hang on the walls: Mom’s side, Dad’s side, Bri & me, College, HS, 4 cousins
36) Box and store wedding paraphernalia that I can’t throw away
37) Make a “map” for the pantry and stick to it!
38) Take a pottery class
39) Get my knit/purl tattoo
40) Send a post card to postsecret.com
41) See Stephen Lynch in concert
42) Go to a club downtown
43) Have a spa day with mom (facial, massage, cabana boy)
44) Go to a professional baseball game
45) Go to a professional football game
46) Go to a professional hockey game
47) Learn origami
48) Plant a tree
49) Burn pics/video of Sloan and Hailey to DVD
50) Experiment with mixed-media art
51) Get up early and drive to watch the sunrise
52) Take a kickboxing class
53) Eat “vegetarian” for 1 week
54) Attend a knitting/fiber convention that isn’t in my area
55) Begin using Piggly Wiggly bag for grocery shopping… ONLY!
56) Have coffee and beignets in New Orleans
57) Go to the opera
58) Organize/purge medicine chest
59) Use up or throw away all the extra soap, shampoo, lotions, etc
60) Organize DVDs by genre and catalog
61) Organize CDs by genre/collection/historical period/alphabetical artist and catalog
62) Go camping (sans cabin)
63) Say NO and don’t feel guilty!
64) See a foreign film
65) Write to an e-pal in another country
66) Send a care package to Iraq
67) Play Monopoly, from beginning to end
68) Fast for 1 day (water only)
69) Buy a wall-mount ironing board
70) Get an eye-exam and new glasses
71) Visit an alpaca farm
72) Plant and maintain an indoor herb garden
73) Learn kumihimo
74) Attend a symphony
75) Read 5 non-fiction books on topics I don’t know
76) Get CPR certified
77) Get a passport
78) Make organic salsa
79) Have escargot
80) Take Sloan and Hailey to Build-a-Bear
81) Pick fruit and make jam
82) Meditate once a week
83) Take a date to the Zoo
84) Go to a Ren Faire and wear a costume
85) Eat Ethiopian food
86) Go “off the grid” for a weekend (no phones, computer, electronic media)
87) Memorize The Highwayman
88) Clip coupons and use them to shop
89) Moisturize my face daily for 2 weeks
90) Learn all 50 state capitols
91) Hire a maid service
92) Host a party
93) Compile birthdays/anniversaries/important dates into a perpetual calendar
94) Switch over to low-energy lightbulbs
95) Go to a Wine Tasting
96) Break 130 when bowling
97) Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
98) Present at a national conference
99) Organize recipe box
100) Attend a blacksmithing class and make something!
101) Donate $1.00 for every item not completed to a children’s charity

I've organized my list into categories, here (http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1047990#post1047990).

01-22-2008, 03:39 PM
Sure, Iza! :teehee:

For everyone's amusement, here's how 1001 breaks down:

2.75 years
33 months (at 30 days per)
143 weeks
24024 hours
1441440 minutes
3003 cups of coffee (at 3 cups per day) (thanks, RENT)

A lot of the people with lists I browsed (linked on the day zero website) showed their progress like a fraction... for instance, someone who wanted to take a day trip once a month and has completed 2 trips would have (2/33) next to their goal. I'm not sure I, personally, want to get that deep, and certainly not for every item on my list (6006 glasses of water :zombie:) but it might be a fun way to show progress, especially for those things that are long term.

I'm going to cross off things as I complete them, and figure out some way to notate what is in progress, scheduled, or whatever.


01-22-2008, 04:05 PM
I'm in! now to think of the 101 things...

01-23-2008, 07:19 AM
hildegard- I can help you w/ #65 and #66 :grphug:
I'm an American living in a foreign country and you can write me.

For #66.. if you want to change Iraq to Afghanistan-- I have an address that you can use. They take donated clothing, hats, shoes, socks, gloves, etc.. for children of all ages and adults. The military personnel donate the items that they receive to the refugee camps, to the street kids, schools, hospitals, or orphanages.

01-23-2008, 12:35 PM
Okay I have 75 things I think. I was working on them until about 330 am so some of them are likely incoherent...lol. Working on it though.

01-23-2008, 04:09 PM
Wow, *thank you* IWRBK!!!! I'll send you a PM.

:happydance: Bren!

I'm going to have to start a "thanks for helping" side bar on my 1001 blog (http://hildie1001.blogspot.com/)to give people credit :)

01-23-2008, 04:22 PM
i'll do it as well. just got to thin up 101 things now lol


01-23-2008, 05:03 PM

01-23-2008, 05:10 PM
I typically make myself monthly to do lists and when I first read this I thought "no way am I keeping track of a list for 2 yrs." Then I sat here (slow day at work) thinking of all the things that need to get done...
#1 nag hubby into finishing dissertation
2 - nag hubby into getting a real job with above PhD
3 - quite my job (see #2)
4 - get a per diem job (see #3)
5 - put new carpet in house
6 - sell this house
7 - buy new house
8 - learn to corchet
9 - crochet jelly bean ducks
10 - sew that darn skirt (bought fabric over a year ago and then got really into knitting)
11 - knit MY socks
12 - knit MY mittens
13 - make honeymoon scrapbook
14 - make wedding scrapbook
15 - do dog cross stitch #1
16 - dog cross stitch #2

01-23-2008, 05:27 PM
Ok so the start of mine. i will have to update later on

1. Sell house
2. Decide what country to live in this year
3. Learn to crochet
4.Make ALL ds's jumpers for the year before i am franticly nitting them near the time
5. Start horse riding again
6. Drink more alchol
7. Not bring any more stray animals into the house, i can't afford them
8. Get my son to school, no more home educating
9. Get my driving license
10. get all animals that need sterlizing done

all i can think of so far, will update later on


01-23-2008, 05:39 PM
I've been thinking about this since I read your post yesterday. I'll have to see what I can come up with for my list.

Ok so the start of mine. i will have to update later on
6. Drink more alchol
9. Get my driving license

Be careful with doing these two together. :roflhard: ( Sorry, it just hit me funny when I read them...it's been a long day....I definitely could put #6 on my list after today)

01-23-2008, 06:28 PM
Bwha, my 101 things!

1. Complete the Biology GCSE with at least a grade C
2. Apply to York St John
3. Go to an open day at York St John
4. Fall in love
5. Wear something I knit outside the house
6. Do a sponsored ramble
7. Set up a saving account
8. Donate blood or platelets reguarly
9. Maintain a weight of 8 stone
10. Watch all three Lord of the Rings extended films back to back
11. Watch all of Season One of Queer as Folk
12. Have a conversation in Spanish
13. Use up 4 stash balls before buying new yarn
14. Go out for a 30 minute walk every day for 3 months (0/90)
15. Go swimming every 3 months (0/11)
16. Go camping
17. Break the habit of biting my nails - COMPLETELY!
18. Go to America
19. Go to Ireland, Scotland and Wales
20. See a show in London
21. Go horse riding
22. Learn to play "I'll Cover you" from RENT on the piano
23. Watch Brokeback Mountain
24. Learn to drive
25. Learn calligraphy
26. Learn to spin
27. Paint my room lavender
28. Keep a tomato plant
29. Read 10 books I already have but haven't read yet (0/10)
30. Get a mobile phone, and don't break it!
31. Try to cook at least 3 meals a week (0/429)
32. Brush my teeth twice a day for a month. (0/60)
33. Downsize my clothes - donate ones that don't fit, aren't my style to the Salvation Army
34. Start a compost heap somewhere in the garden
35. Go to bed by 11 pm for 3 months. (0/90)
36. Teach someone to knit
37. Knit an afgan for Blonde Little Sister
38. Knit an afgan for Brunette Little Sister
39. Knit an afgan for Mum.
40. Eat vegetarian for a week. (0/7)
41. Watch the sunrise
42. Watch the sunset
43. Play on FreeRice.com at least 5 times a week (0/715)
44. Start a 101 blog and update it weekly (0/143)
45. Have a spa day
46. Get everything on my Travian account to level 10
47. Knit and donate 1 hat a month to the local maternity ward (0/33)
48. Buy eggs from the market instead of from Sainsburys
49. Attend a Rowan workshop on dying yarn
50. Make 4 Christmas gifts by November
51. Go on a rollercoster
52. Eat breakfast every day - even if it's at 11am! (1/1001)
53. Drink 3 pints of water a day for a month (0/90)
54. Go out and eat veal
55. Eat fish and chips in a Cleethorpes Fish and Chip Shop
56. Get new frames for my glasses
57. Put 50 songs on my MP3 player
58. Go iceskating on Christmas Eve
59. Recycle all the tins once a week (0/143)
60. Eat pizza once a month
61. Have one pyjama day a week (1/143)
62. Get a hair cut
63. Re-dye to red
64. Design a cabled sweater
65. Buy a bunch of flowers for mum every month (0/33)
66. Buy enough seacell yarn to make a shawl with
67. Send letters to a penpal
68. Eat 3 portions of fruit a day for 2 weeks (0/42)
69. Go strawberry picking
70. Have one bath a week with Lush bath bombs (0/143)
71. Try fruit teas
72. Be in the town center for the turning on of the Christmas Lights
73. Visit the Blue John Mines
74. Take pictures every time I complete a target
75. Learn to do eye make-up that suits me
76. Volunteer to walk dogs at the shelter
77. Read the book 'Manwatching' by Desmond Morris
78. Knit with wire
79. Tidy my bit of the livingroom
80. Go for a picnic in the park
81. Go to a concert
82. Alter the prom dress
83. Buy a digital camera all of my own!
84. Get four hugs per day (4004)
85. Make pea and ham soup
86. Get a nice lavender lampshade for my room
87. Get a job
88. Put only 2 tsp of sugar in coffee and tea
89. Put all of the yarn stash onto Ravelry
90. Put all of the needles onto ravelry
91. Keep my bedroom tidy for 12 months (0/12)
92. Scuba dive
93. Flirt with a stranger on holiday
94. Go to a local craft show
95. Learn to cook the perfect steak
96. Update my other blog at least every week (0/143)
97. Knit baby socks for charity
98. Take part in a least 1 KH swap
99. Reclaim my tax!!!!!!!!
100. Post a letter the same day I write it
101. Make a new list of 101 things for the next 1001 days!

My end date is October 20th 2010!

01-23-2008, 07:20 PM
I've been thinking about this since I read your post yesterday. I'll have to see what I can come up with for my list.

Be careful with doing these two together. :roflhard: ( Sorry, it just hit me funny when I read them...it's been a long day....I definitely could put #6 on my list after today)
hehe hadn't realised i'd done that. what am i like :rofl:


01-23-2008, 07:20 PM
great list, and great starts!!! :happydance:

01-23-2008, 08:06 PM
Maybe this will help those who are trying to stop biting their nails.

I heard this from Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Another woman was trying to stop biting her nails. Whoopi asked her how many times a day she went to the bathroom (you know, #2) and did she wash her hands afterwards.

Of course, she did.

But the kicker was "Do you scrub under your nails with a nail brush every time after you go to the bathroom?"

Of course, she didn't.

Ewww :ick: That would make me stop biting my nails! Hope this helps.

01-23-2008, 08:16 PM
Maybe this will help those who are trying to stop biting their nails.

I heard this from Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Another woman was trying to stop biting her nails. Whoopi asked her how many times a day she went to the bathroom (you know, #2) and did she wash her hands afterwards.

Of course, she did.

But the kicker was "Do you scrub under your nails with a nail brush every time after you go to the bathroom?"

Of course, she didn't.

Ewww :ick: That would make me stop biting my nails! Hope this helps.

:shock: Okay that's really gross, and thankfully not something I have to think about. One day I just stopped biting my nails and never went back to it. (I have no idea where that came from but wherever it did, i would like to send chocolate there too...lol)

But i am a little disturbed at the thought of GETTING the stuff under my fingernails whilst i was wiping. :ick:

01-24-2008, 12:12 AM
:ick: :zombie: :ick:

01-26-2008, 03:47 AM
Okay... I have the preliminary list done. It needs to be tweeked in some areas to be more specific but it is MOSTLY done. So here it is and when I find areas I wanna tweek I will just do that here...lol (yeah that is genius thinking right here) OOOH and to be completely clear. I have considered that I may have some duplicates on it from having done it over the span of several days. I will proof read it some time after I have had some sleep...lol.

1. Lose 101 pounds
2. Break impulse shopping habit
3. Break the diet coke habit
4. Go through remaining bears and only keep the ones that are special
5. Weed out DVDs
6. Go 30 days without eating at any restaurant with a drive through
7. Blog 3 times per week for a month, not counting Utterz.
8. Make my cleaning supplies completely green
9. Tunnel walk at least 3 times per week for a month
10. Eliminate all possible plastic from my life
11. Get a tattoo
12. Visit Spain
13. Relearn Spanish
14. Visit San Francisco
15. Meet IRL the Harem
16. Revisit NYC and CT
17. Visit the Farmer’s Market at least 2 times per month in season.
18. Eliminate all unread catalogs and magazines from my mailbox
19. Find and join a CSA
20. Create a livable budget, not just a dream budget, and follow it for six months.
21. Meet at least five new people who are not from work.
22. Go to Mexico
23. Have a mammogram
24. Go to a fiber festival
25. Get a pet
26. Get a recumbent bike
27. Use recumbent bike 3 times per week for 3 months
28. Plant a container garden
29. Try a new recipe once per month
30. Go to Opening day at the K
31. Get a cleaning service and let go enough to let them clean while I am not home.
32. Coach my team to be at the top of the stats 2 quarters in a row.
33. Have $1500 in ROTH in 2008
34. Have $3000 in ROTH in 2009
35. Have $6000 in ROTH in 2010
36. Get bill pay scheduled for all bills
37. Find a local church I like.
38. Purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle.
39. Give in to getting braces and all that will go with that.
40. Organize Laundry room
41. Give away all clothing that hasn’t been worn in over a year
42. Give away all household items that haven’t been used in over a year or that are duplicates
43. Plant 3 trees
44. Floss daily
45. Learn to make my own cleaning products, start with Laundry soap.
46. Go apple picking
47. Actually make it to Knit Night at the Junkyard
48. Get a pedicure
49. Send a message in a bottle
50. Start a knit group at work
51. Write my will
52. Attend 2008 DNC Convention
53. Give away/sell the knitting books I will never use
54. Get back onto a decent sleep schedule. Initial Goal is Asleep by 1am and awake by 8am for a month.
55. Visit Chicago
56. Make sure my family knows I want to be an organ donor
57. Go to the zoo
58. Save $50/month for special treat at the end of 1001 days.
59. Watch all Best Movie pictures
60. Don’t spend any coins for 6 months and put the money towards something splurgey
61. Learn to make 10 completely organic and healthy meals
62. Practice random acts of kindness at least 1 time per week.
63. Bring lunch to work at least three times per week for six months
64. Limit chocolate intake to once per week
65. Eliminate all chocolate for three months
66. Start and finish at least one pair of adult socks
67. Send a postcard to PostSecret
68. Try at least three different crafting mediums outside my comfort zone
69. Get really good highlights done.
70. Plant flowers at Dad’s grave
71. Complete a 52 weeks project
72. Get new mattresses and make my bed 5 times per week for six months
73. Get a passport so I can visit the countries on my list
74. Find ways to recycle glass/plastic/aluminum while living in my apartment
75. Eat fish at least one day per week
76. Get to work on time four times per week for six months.
77. Perfect guacamole
78. Rejoin www.fitday.com (http://www.fitday.com/)
79. Update www.fitday.com (http://www.fitday.com/) at least five times per week for three months.
80. Find lighter alternatives to 10 of my favorite recipes.
81. Turn off the computer for an entire week.
82. No surfing the internet at work for more than 15 minutes for 30 days.
83. Deep clean the house
84. Eliminate as much phantom electrical use as possible.
85. Give away or sell any needles I haven’t used in a year.
86. Give away or sell any books I am not using or reading
87. Try 5 foods that I have never tried before
88. Visit Villisca
89. Attend at least one tweetup
90. Get a manicure at least 1 time per month
91. Learn to do something uber geeky on the computer
92. Spend a weekend with the nephews and nieces doing whatever they want
93. Pet a snake, in a non-dirty sort of way (sickos!)
94. Spend at least 30 minutes outside every day even when the weather is wicked.
95. Drink 100 oz of water every day for 30 days
96. Eliminate all disposable wrapping from my gift wrapping
97. Replace all bulbs with CFL bulbs and convince 10 people to replace at least one bulb
98. Convince 10 people to begin using reusable shopping bags.
99. Blog about three things to be grateful for every day for 30 days.
100. Donate $5 to www.innocenceproject.org (http://www.innocenceproject.org/) for every task not completed.
101. Turn 40.

01-26-2008, 03:59 PM
YAY Bren! :cheering: When are you starting?

01-26-2008, 08:19 PM
YAY Bren! :cheering: When are you starting?

January 31st because my 1001th day will be my 40th birthday. :wall: i am sooo oooooooold. :teehee:

01-27-2008, 12:44 AM
That's awesome though!!!! :cheering:

01-27-2008, 02:44 AM
Hilde wow amazing 101 list!!

01-30-2008, 01:54 AM
So the countdown begins... this week I am purging the house of all the junk, reading You on a Diet, and trying desperately to remember to drink the water I have in the fridge (instead of the gin and cherry coke haha).

01-30-2008, 01:26 PM
This would be so fun to do! Now let's just see if I can think up 101 things...

01-30-2008, 01:35 PM
Gin and cherry Coke? OooOooh! :mrgreen:
This is a way cool project; Hilde if you want support join us over in the Knitting Diet Challenge thread! It's no specific diet or anything, but I've found it a helpful place to vent, get advice, trumpet my victories, etc. :cheering:

01-30-2008, 04:12 PM
Will do!

01-30-2008, 07:34 PM
ill do it!
uh...lemme think....

01-30-2008, 07:45 PM
I liked reading everyone's list. i don't know if i can think of 101 things. I love hilde perfect the smokey eye look. Has anyone? I love that look. My mom was a makeup artist I could only get it if she did for me

02-01-2008, 02:13 AM
Yeah I'm just going to walk around looking like someone punched me for a few weeks haha.
Bren, how was your first day????

02-01-2008, 02:20 AM
lol cranky and crabby and very glad i have a long time to do this stuff cuz there was NOOOO way i could have given up chocolate on a day like today. :teehee:

you can see me cross stuff off here (http://brendajos89.livejournal.com/516.html)

and talk about it occasionally here (http://blue-knitter.livejournal.com/)

umm... and if you go there now you can crack up at my friend Mike. ;)

02-02-2008, 04:22 AM

I had 3 martinis and a third of a frozen pizza :shifty:

02-02-2008, 02:27 PM
I FINALLY have my list! Now all I have to do is put it on my computer and I'll have it on here. I'm so excited!!:cheering:

02-02-2008, 03:19 PM
And it's done!

Bobbi’s 101 List –done by Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bake a cake from scratch.
Go to a wine tasting.
Make an entire pie from scratch.
Cook an entire meal for someone else.
Make guacamole.
Develop a taste for wine.
Eat a really good steak.
Try a food that I’ve never tried before.
Make homemade noodles.

Raise GPA by at least .6 points.
Use planner on a daily basis.
Decide on a med school.
Save $1,000.
Get a full time job during the summer.
Buy a car.
Set up a savings account, make deposits regularly.
Go one month without eating out.
Create a budget and stick to it.
Save ALL of my change.
Get all A’s for a semester.

Artsy Stuff:
Knit a pair of mittens for myself.
See a musical that’s not put on by my school.
See a Shakespeare show.

The Boyfriend:
Send a care package to Clayton.
Buy a sexy outfit.
Wear said sexy outfit.
Have a game night with Clayton.

A Better Bobbi:
Work out at least once a week.
Learn sign language.
Get CPR certified.
Buy flowers for someone who is having a bad day.
Read a book not assigned in class.
Go to an art museum.
Drink a glass of milk every day for one month.
Start a journal.
Get up-to-date on political issues and candidate stances.
Vote in the Presidential election.
Spend a day with my brother.
Watch a presidential debate.
Take at least one kickboxing class.
Take at least one yoga class.
Take a dance class.
Join/start a book club.
Get into the habit of making my bed daily.
Write down everyone’s birthday and keep track of them.
Start flossing every night.
Write a letter to mom and dad.
Go to church on Christmas or Easter.

Go Green!:
Use tote instead of plastic bags when shopping.
Go veg for 1 week.
Grow a flower.
Get into the habit of recycling.
Try tofu.
Visit a farmers’ market.
Plant a tree.
Stop using bottled water.

Donate clothes I don’t wear and be honest with myself about it.
Knit something for charity.
Send a care package to a soldier.
Participate in Relay for Life.
Donate $1 for every item not completed.

Leave the country.
Visit an island.
Take a road trip to a state I’ve never been to.
Ride in an airplane.
Go shopping in a big city.
Get a passport.

Fun Stuff/Miscellaneous:
Get a new purse.
Update my wardrobe.
Go fishing.
Use up all my extra soap/lotion.
Go to the zoo.
Go to a fancy restaurant and wear a dress.
Get a new phone.
Start 101 blog and maintain it.
Have a real “girls’ night”.
Go ice skating.
Go roller skating.
Attend Christmas on the Square.
Pick apples.
Get PhotoShop and learn how to use it.
Go to a car show.
Learn to drive a stick shift.
Shoot a gun.
Go to a college or major league baseball game.
Get a pedicure and manicure with a friend.
Have a spa day.
Get a psychic reading.
Build a sand castle.
Pick a pumpkin and carve it. (No patterns)
Buy a pair of hooker boots.
Climb a rock wall.
Go paintballing.
Make a gingerbread house.
Have a girly day with mom.
Go swimming in a lake.
Paint something.
Play a round of golf.
Make balloon animals.
Color an entire sidewalk with chalk.

02-06-2008, 08:35 PM
:cheering: Great list!!!!

Have a game night with Clayton.

In said sexy outfit??? :eyebrow:

Off to check your blog! :out:

02-07-2008, 05:03 PM
great list!

02-11-2008, 10:04 AM
How's it going, pardners?

02-13-2008, 11:59 PM
alright, i finally found some time to write my list, starting tomorrow(valentines day) and ending november 11th 2010

Start date: February 14th, 2008. End date: November 11th 2010

Health and Beauty

1) use up or toss all lotion/perfume items
2) save at least 10% of every paycheck, or at least $2000 in the bank
3) Go on a bike ride 40 times (0/40)
4) get a professional massage
5) take vitamins every morning till gone
6) try V8 and find one I like
7) wear retainers regularly
8) take a martial arts class
9) Use up the rest of my feminine products and switch to divacup or lunapads
10) Keep nails looking pretty for four weeks, consecutively (0/4)
11) schedule and go to my first gyno appointment
12) create and stick to exercise plan
13) Eat an apple a week for a year (0/52)
14) get a watch and wear it
15) Drink only water for a week
16) Drive at speed limit for four weeks (0/4)
17) Wash my hands or use hand sanitizer at least eight times a day for two weeks (0/14)

Education/self fulfillment

18) send out Christmas cards in 2008
19) complete 50 cantonese lessons thoroughly and use vocabulary with vince (0/50)
20) send a postcard to postcard dot com
21) purchase and read the intellectual devotional (0/365)
22) do 250 random acts of kindness (0/250)
23) do more random loving things for vince
24) Randomly write a letter to grandma and grandpa
25) admit when im wrong ten times (0/10)
26) Find one quote or picture that is inspiring once a week and put in journal (0/143)
27) Take at least 100 pics of/with vince
28) Make three care packages for anysoldier
29) Put study abroad pictures in an album
30) Make a paper crane a day…minus one (0/1000)
31) Read twenty books from the forbidden library that I haven’t already read (0/20)
32) make deans list once
33) start a journal and write at least once a week to vince (0/141)
34) figure out what on earth letterboxing is and do it!
35) Leave a 100% tip
36) Get a winning lottery ticket
37) Watch a sunset
38) Learn about and be able to find twenty constellations, and know their mythology (0/20)
39) Visit the detroit institute of art
40) Go to bed by 10:00 everyday for two weeks (0/14)
41) Read a book on greek mythology

Games, Art, and the Kid in Me

42) knit something for charity
43) fly a kite
44) make vince teach me mahjong
45) dance in the rain
46) go sledding
47) knit a pair of socks
48) learn animal origami using money
49) complete a 10,000 piece puzzle
50) beat all the zoo tycoon scenarios (0/?)
51) take ballroom dancing lessons
52) do a crossword puzzle once a week( 0/141)
53) Complete a coloring book
54) Make at least one thing for each person for Christmas
55) Learn to knit continental
56) Have mom re-teach me how to sew
57) Learn to make handmade soap
58) see the lion king on broadway
59) Blow bubbles and draw with sidewalk chalk
60) Play Frisbee
61) Beat every song on guitar hero on medium
62) Build and paint two model cars (0/2)

Cooking and Traveling/Entertainment

63) learn to cook five traditional Chinese meals (0/5)
64) eat vegetarian for a day
65) go to a movie on my own
66) Knit myself a stash of 20 dishcloths and ten scrubbies (0/20) (0/10)
67) Do an autocross event
68) visit a planetarium
69) visit soak city
70) go on a picnic in a park with vince
71) go to a beach with vince
72) learn to make ten COMPLETELY healthy meals (0/10)
73) learn to cook fish
74) try sushi again
75) Organize recipe book, with pictures for bonus points!
76) make pasta from scratch
77) Go raspberry picking and make jelly and freeze it
78) Feed ducks on red cedar again
79) go to a club with vince
80) visit Canada, anywhere
81) visit mackinaw island
82) go on a road trip
83) Switch from water bottles to nalgene
84) Eat more salad
85) Go visit Jessie in Columbus
86) Have a candlelit dinner
87) Learn to use chop sticks…WELL
88) Label food jars/canisters

Finances and Home

89) Buy fresh flowers for myself fifteen times (0/15)
90) install springs on car
91) make first aid kit for house and car
92) line dry clothes only twenty times (0/20)
93) use control journal and stick with it regularly
94) start vermicomposting bin
95) Buy myself an orchid and care for it properly
96) plant a container garden
97) switch over to green cleaning/laundry supplies
98) create a budget and stick to it
99) decorate bathroom
100) switch to cash/debit spending only, no credit cards
101) find a nice potpurri or candle scent i like and use it

let me know what you think! and if you catch any booboos, lol i caught a few that the numbers were off, etc.

02-14-2008, 12:09 AM
Letterboxing is kind of like geocashing... you follow clues to a box hidden somewhere, and then you stamp your letterbox journal with it, and then stamp the journal in the letter box with your stamp.
a 10,000 piece puzzle??? :zombie:
And I looooove the paper crane idea!!!!

Did you start a blog?

02-14-2008, 01:44 AM
unfortunatly being a full time student, i dont have time for a blog lol. I will definatly update here occasionaly though! my boyfriend already got me a massage appointment for valentines day, i cant wait! :P ( yes that would be the "vince" that pops up in my list a million times :)

02-20-2008, 05:33 PM
*sigh*...I've forgotten my username/password for my blog. This tends to happen to me much too frequently...

Otherwise, it's going decently. I really need to start working a little harder, I suppose. I got a book from the library to read, I've heard it's really good, so since I'm sick, I could start that one today. Although I attempted reading the New Yorker a little while ago, and well...it didn't turn out so well. So we'll see how reading my book goes.

02-20-2008, 06:32 PM
Okay, I've come up with my 101 things. Here goes.

Health and Beauty

1. Perfect the smoky eye look
2. Cut my hair WAY shorter
3. Paint my nails (not on a gymnastics meet week)
4. Cut my nails regularly
5. Dig all of my jewelry out of it's container and wear it more often
6. Drink more water daily
7. Cut down my makeup stash ( :aww: )
8. Treat my feet 8 times (8/8)
9. Treat my hands 8 times (8/8)
10. Cut my toenails regularly (weird, sorry)

Craft Related

1. Fold 101 paper cranes (101/101) HA! Sorry Princess, I liked that idea.
2. Knit myself 2 sweaters (2/2)
3. Learn more origami
4. Learn to crochet better from next door neighbor
5. Buy less yarn monthly
6. Knit wristwarmers for myself
7. Crochet scarf
8. Knit socks for friend (2/2)
9. Use up 2 skeins on crocheted scarf
10. Stashbust 3 skeins
11. Buy KP Options
12. Look at all the videos here at KH
13. Knit 20 things for charity (20/20)
14. Knit 10 hats for soldiers overseas
15. Crochet an ankle bracelet
16. Fold 20 origami cubes (20/20)
17. Fold 20 origami ornaments (20/20)
18. Fold 20 gift boxes (20/20)
19. Knit a cabled sweater
20. Fingerknit a LOOOONG tube and sew it into a hat
21. Get rid of all leftover skeins/balls of yarn
22. Teach 2 people to spool knit (2/2)
23. Teach 2 people to knit (2/2)
24. Teach 2 people to purl (2/2)
25. Teach 2 people to cable (2/2)
26. Teach 2 people to make skinny scarves (2/2)
27. Knit 10 people Christmas presents (10/10)
28. Knit 10 people Hannukah presents (10/10)
29. Knit hats for cousins (0/17?)
30. Knit armwarmers for sister
31. Knit armwarmers for someone
32. Learn to make a perfect bobble
33. Learn to make a perfect increase (knitting)
34. Learn to SSK
35. Learn to SSP
36. Learn to make Seed Stitch
37. Learn to knit Continental
38. Learn to make i-cords
39. Learn to Kitchener stitch BETTER
40. Learn to do a 3 needle bind off
41. Cut back on posting here at KH (WAAAAY too many posts!)
42. First though, quit "Turning the Heel"
43. Make a knitter's geek code 2 times (2/2)
44. Teach 2 people to make a knitter's geek code (2/2)
45. Teach 2 people to SSK (2/2)
46. Teach 2 people to make socks (0/2)
47. Teach 2 people to make hats (1/2)
48. Teach 2 people to make stockinette stitch (2/2)
49. Teach 2 people to make rib stitch (2/2)
50. Teach 2 people to make a bobble (0/2)

10 + 50 = 60


1. Clean computer desk 5 times (5/5)
2. Clean upstairs desk 5 times (5/5)
3. Get rid of all the junk I don't need
4. Find all the "lost" pencils :eyebrow:
5. Find all the "lost" erasers
6. Clean out under my bed 5 times (5/5)
7. Clean up my messy room 5 times (5/5)
8. Get a new computer?
9. Make the new computer print?
10. Find all index cards
11. Put stuffed animals away in closet
12. Clean up desk organizer
13. Put all paper cranes on window sills or around the house
14. Clean up computer mouse
15. Get rid of all non special pencils
16. Clean out desk drawer
17. Clean out all unused shoes
18. Clean out all unused clothes
19. Find "hidden" post its (:eyebrow:)
20. Keep writing notes to Pen Pal
21. Start Keep writing notes to other Pen Pal
22. Send scarf/hat/socks to Pen Pal
23. Send scarf/hat/socks to other Pen Pal
24. Find all "hidden" junk (:eyebrow:)
25. Get rid of all unused origami paper
26. Burn 2 CDs for friends (2/2)
27. Get rid of all unworking pens
28. Get rid of all unworking mechanical pencils
29. Get rid of all messed up CDs
30. Do more stuff for charity
31. Get rid of all non special notebooks
32. Get rid of all non special markers
33. Sharpen pencils BEFORE putting them away
34. Get rid of all disgusting candy
35. Find my stapler
36. Find my tape holder
37. Get rid of all unused earplugs ( :ick: )
38. Get rid of all unused eye masks
39. Get rid of all used up notebooks
40. Send B. Day presents to Pen Pal
41. Send B. Day presents to other Pen Pal

60 + 41 = 101

There we go! Starting on.....uh....Sunday, March 2, 2008 (today :doh:) and ending on......uh.......Sunday, November 28, 2010. Yay!

Sorry, I'm still young, so my stuff is EZ PZ.

02-20-2008, 08:55 PM
That's a great list!!!

I'll be taking care of my #66 this weekend... have a date to a hockey game on Sunday :woohoo:

02-24-2008, 11:48 PM
Hey everyone! How is it going? I just got in from my date.... 1 down, 100 to go!!! :woohoo:

02-25-2008, 11:16 PM
for valentines day my bf got me a gift package for a head to toe massage!!! yay, when i make the appointment and go that will knock my first one off the list! :) i cant wait :P

02-26-2008, 04:42 PM
yay princess! :cheering:

02-26-2008, 05:52 PM
ooooo a head to toe massage!!!! What a great gift... and functional!

02-27-2008, 07:31 PM
ok, finally going to get my backside into gear and do this properly.

1. get driving licence
2. start trying for baby no 2
3. drop hits to dp to get engaged
4. drink more alachol
5. use up ALL my stash and the stash my gran left me to deal with lol
6. knit up ds's clothes before hes desperate for the straight away
7. meet in laws
8. move back to england
9. knit for myself not just everyone else
10. think of myself before my family occasionally
11. go on holiday
12. knit something for charity
13. loose 5kg
14. stop bringing feral animals in as i cant afford it
15. get all cats and dogs sterilized tgthat need it
16. sort out my wadrobe
17. start getting my pre qualifications sorted to start training to teach
18. spend more time with the kittens and my dog
19. stop knitting durimn the day when i am supposed to be working
20. get the house work done first thing rather than leaving the house in a tip
21. get alexandre to school
22. not go to bed when the dishwasher needs doing
23. buy my own laptop
24. not allow my family to upset me when i have done nothing wrong
25. not allow ds to get upset when my brother and mum get cross and take it out on him
26. learn to crochet
27. eat more rather than snacking on rubbish
28. not allow my mum to tell me my knitting isnt working out when i knowc it is and carry on to prove her wrong
29. learn to cook
30. learn to bake bread
31. learn to knit socks
32. not text so much
33. go to england more than twice before i move back. just because i want to
34. get my hair cut
35. dye my hair something wacky
36. get my ears re pierced twice
37. get a lizzard tatto done
38. stop breaking my nails when with the horses
39. start waering make up occasional at least when i go out
40. stop drinking fizzy drinks totally just squash and water
41. go to bed before 11pm
42. get it so the kittens arent just in my bedroom they can run free in the house so i get a nights sleep
43. buy a good piece of jewllery for myself for no reason at all other than i like it
44. knit a skirt for myslef
45. crochet a huge throw blanket for my sons bed
46. finish knitted bed spred for sons bed
47. stop worrying about what other people think of me and do what i think is right
48. get a job
49. get hair straightened at least twice
50. go to the dentist to get my teeth fixed no matter how much it hurts

i cant think of anything else right now and its flipping late here so need some sleep


02-28-2008, 12:21 PM
great start!!!

03-01-2008, 05:00 AM
Thought I'd through my hat in the ring.
Here's my list:
Start date March 1, 2008. End Date Nov. 27, 2010. Which also happens to be my birthday.


1. Get my Dogwood Diploma.
2. Take ASL course
3. Learn to write and speak Scottish Gaelic.
4. Get my Master Knitter Certificate
5. Take a photography course.
6. Take a pottery class.
7. Learn how to make soap.
8. Keep my First Aid certificate up to date.
9. Learn about all of Canada’s Prime Ministers.
10. Decide if I want to get my ECE certificate.
11. Decide if I want to get my Librarian Diploma.
12. Learn how to prepare fleece for spinning.
13. Learn how to weave.
14. Learn to spin.
15. Get my Foodsafe Certificate.


16. Submit a story to every Writers’ Journal ‘Write to Win’ contest. (0/17)
17. Join/start a writer’s group.
18. Attend the Surrey International Writer’s Conference.
19. Finish my novel.
20. Write for at least 30 minutes everyday. (0/1001)
21. Update my blog at least once a week. (0/140)
22. Organize my writing stuff.


23. Knit for charity.
24. Design a cable scarf.
25. Design cable gloves.
26. Make a sweater.
27. Get 80% of Christmas knitting done by November 30.
28. Start a knitting business.
29. Take pictures of knitted finished objects.
30. Learn entrelac knitting.
31. Learn intarsia knitting.
32. Learn Fair Isle knitting.
33. Start a Stitch and Bitch.
34. Finish dad’s blanket.
35. Organize yarn stash.
36. Organize my knitting stuff.

Physical Activities

37. Go camping at least once.
38. Go Hiking/Backpacking.
39. Go Rock-climbing.
40. Learn to ice skate.
41. Go bowling.
42. Join the canoe club.
43. Go horseback riding.
44. Take Highland Dance lessons.

Health & Beauty

45. Walk 3 times a week. (0/420)
46. Shower daily for a month.
47. Brush my teeth twice a day for a month.
48. Set a bedtime and stick to it.
49. Eat breakfast everyday for a month.
50. Drink 64 oz. of water/day for a month.
51. Eat fish twice a week for 6 months.
52. Get my hair cut every 2 month (0/17)
53. Eat 7-8 fruits and vegetables a day for a month.
54. Eat 6-7 grain products a day for a month.
55. Eat 2 Milk or milk alternatives a day for a month.
56. Eat 2 Meat or meat alternatives a day for a month.
57. Lose my Buddha belly.
58. Wash face twice a day for a month.
59. Go to the dentist.
60. Have a spa day.


61. Plan an awesome party for my 30th birthday.
62. Go to the Vancouver Aquarium.
63. Visit the Royal British Columbia Museum.
64. Visit the Royal London Wax Museum.
65. Volunteer at the Langley Centennial Museum.
66. Attend Victoria’s Fibrefest and Knit Out.
67. Visit the Vancouver Zoological Centre.
68. Attend at least one event of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
69. Go to Bard on the Beach.
70. Watch HSBC Celebration of Lights
71. Attend Church at least once a month. (0/33)
72. Attend the BC Highland Games.
73. Go to the movies once every 2 months. (0/17)
74. Go out with just my older sister, N, once a month.
75. Visit my older sister, A, where ever it is she’ll be living.
76. Go out with just my little sister once a month.
77. Spend an afternoon with my niece M once every three months.
78. Spend the afternoon with my niece L once every three months.
79. Spend the afternoon with my nephew T once every 3 months.


80. Travel across Canada.
81. Travel to Scotland.
82. Read one fiction book/month. (0/33)
83. Watch the sunrise/sunset
84. Move out of my parent’s house.
85. Keep my room clean for a month.
86. Go berry picking every summer (0/3)
87. Go to the at least one play.
88. Pay off student loans.
89. Start a 101 things blog.
90. Update 101 things blog once a week.
91. Get a passport.
92. Bake something once a week.
93. Start canning again.
94. Fly an ultralight.
95. Get a credit card.
96. Try haggis.
97. Find my Great Uncle Bert’s family.
98. Swim with the dolphins.
99. Take voice lessons.
100. Go on a cruise.
101. Go whale watching.

I've already completed #89. You can find it here (http://sajomaros101things.blogspot.com).

03-01-2008, 12:52 PM
Great Jodi! I visited your blog :)

Susi, did you finish your list? No pressure... :teehee:

03-09-2008, 10:23 PM
Checking in, how is everyone doing? I'm going bowling tomorrow, so I'll be practicing for my "break 130 while bowling".
My mom sent me the book Making Faces (did I mention this?) and I've almost got the smokey eye thing down... i just need to buy some black eyeliner; the purple that i usually use doesn't have the same effect!

03-24-2008, 12:15 AM

03-24-2008, 01:05 PM
lol. i have been writing in my journal for my boyfriend. Its actually been a lot more fun than i thought. I think its something he will really enjoy when i give it to him next year(probably) all those little funny moments that we would otherwise forget will now be written down to remember later.

03-25-2008, 03:40 PM
Hadn't had the time to read this thread before, but I'll definitely be joinining the madness ^_^
Now to write 101 things!

04-24-2008, 10:27 PM
Im new here but yep Im a fello:muah: Illinoian too!!!!!!! And yes im going to check out a knit store when i go this week to chicago!~ Im on here now maybe we'll chat later ... hay how 'd ya get your pic in the profile im trying to figure it out still~ And I see you dig smilys

06-13-2008, 11:30 AM
Howzit comin, pardners?