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04-18-2008, 11:32 PM
I'm barely into my first Noni bag, and I'm stumped. The pattern says to CO 48 sts and St st for 24 rows. (Good so far.) Then, I'm supposed to pick up stitches as follows: "pu 16 sts on the short end, pu 48 sts on the cast on edge, pu 16 sts on the other short end, then K across the other long end"
Nowhere does it indicate that I'm supposed to bind off, but how do I pick up sts when my knitting is on the needles? (The pattern does not indicate that I should use different needles to pu the sts) Thanks for your help!

04-18-2008, 11:53 PM
You don't BO. You leave the 48 sts on the needle, then pick up the sts down the side of the 24 rows, across the CO sts and back up the other side. You need a circular needle to do this and it helps in picking up the first couple at the `corner' if you slide the existing stitches down the cord a bit, folding the knitting a little, and make a loop with the needle to pick them up. Then scooch them all back together.

04-19-2008, 01:31 PM
What you are actually doing is creating a flat bottom to the bag and then by picking up stitches onto a circular needle, you are creating the sides of the bag and then you can stitch up the sides by just stitching around and around the circular needle until it's the desired length bag.

There is a good video on this site about how to pick up stitches...it isn't as hard as I made it when I first tried, that's for sure! :teehee:

Basically, if you look at where you've stitched, you will see a raised edge stitch and then a bit of a gutter. For each gutter, insert your needle under BOTH sides of the V stitch and then wrap your yarn around it and pull through - voila...new stitch! Some people do more pick up stitches than others...I'd follow the pattern. If you do a project with felting, it is easier since the stitches kind of melt into each other when you felt them. Keep going and soon your project will be on all circulars.

It's the same idea with the Booga Bag and many other bag projects.

Good luck! :hug: