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05-01-2008, 08:56 PM

I am really interested in knitting with some 2 ply handspun yarn I saw on Etsy and elsewhere. It's the type with two colors twisted together. I'm thinking socks...or a hat. What are the in's and out's of working with this yarn? What do I need to know before I plunk down $30-$50 a skein for the stuff???

I love the color combinations of this type of yarn but I'm wondering if it looks as interesting all knitted up?

What do you guys think about this type of yarn??

05-01-2008, 09:25 PM
hello hartley!

I have to say that i love handspun yarn although i haven't knit with it too much.

over the weekend though i used a 2 ply that was about dk weight, superwash and frogged my project twice.. it's holding up nicely.

i also completed these ..without frogging ..i didn't treat it any differently than knitting with a commercial yarn and had no problems


as for other pictures you can go to http://flickr.com and search knitted handspun and see some examples.. or http://ravelry.com if you've got one and search around there.

i think they can give a very wide variety of good and bad looks depending on the colors and how you knit it up.

hope that helps a bit! :)