View Full Version : Lacy Stole in Stripes?

05-03-2008, 09:08 PM
Hi All,

Wondering how to make the LionBrand "Lacy Stole"

in alternating colors - maybe changing the colors every 16 rows, since it is a 8 row pattern repeat. Do I need to tie off the colors or just let them hang, and then work them in later? I should ask this in general knitting too... I'm trying to get the effect they show in the LionBrand "Diva Shawl"

without the cost of the pattern or the increased difficulty level. I could not see well enough in the picture to tell but it looks very similar to the Lacy Stole.

Thanks! :waving:

05-06-2008, 08:41 AM
Mmm. Looks lovely. The stripes in the photo - looks like they worked the light-colored stripe for twice the number of rows that the other colors were worked. i.e., if you do 16 rows for most of your colors, the lightest color would be worked for 32 rows.

I believe in tying knots when introducing a new color. If you've ever worn stockings, you know how easily knitting unravels. Why create a weakness [untied new yarn] when you don't have to? Please note that others have a different take on this.

Your knots/new yarn would be at the edge.

Good luck! Lacy projects are a mark of a top-grade knitter.