View Full Version : ~100% Wool Pale Cream Laceweight for Sale

05-05-2008, 03:05 PM
If you'd like to see a picture, please email me. I have not been able to add it to this post. This system keeps telling me that I am not authorized to edit this post, although it will allow me to edit the next. Go figure!

I purchased the following yarn one year ago from a dealer on ebay. www.yarntreehouse.com (http://www.yarntreehouse.com)
The yarn is 100% wool in excellent condition. I pulled enough
out of one skein in order to knit a small swatch. This is very nice yarn, but I am not going to be able to work with yarn this thin. My eyes can't handle it.
For Sale:
Two (2) balls of laceweight wool.
100% wool in a pale cream color
62.5 grams each ball
1000 yards each ball
Item # V238
Color# 200
I'd like $20.00 for the two skeins. This includes mailing for the US. I can take payment via POSTAL MONEY ORDER or through PayPal only. Please email me at lightningsj@juno.com because I don't get to check the forum everyday.