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05-19-2008, 06:40 PM
Thanks in advance. Sorry so long...want to make sure I give all necessary info.
New to knitting - about to start a sweater and using a pattern for the first time. (#3514 Venus Cabled Cross Front Cardigan - Trendsetter Yarns)

Sizing and needle size/gauge question.
Gauge is 16sts x 23rows = 4" using size 9 needle in stockinette stitch.
"Sizes of pattern are Sm(32"),Med (35"),Lg(38"),XL(41"). Finished size is about 2" larger."

My bust is 40"

When I use size 9 needle, I get 18sts x 23rows.
When I use size 10 needle I get 17sts x 21rows.
Size 11 gives 14sts.

If I did math correctly, a size 11 needle would work if I used Med-size pattern. correct?

What size needle, and what size pattern should I use? Sorry, I've never done this before.

Thanks again.

05-20-2008, 12:25 AM
How about a size 10 - that just might work. Don't worry about the row gauge, patterns are written to work X inches rather than X rows. Without knowing how many stitches there are for each size, it's hard to say if your idea would work. You would take the sts/inch on whichever needles, time 42" (40" + 2" of ease) and see which size has the closest stitch number (front and back together) to that number. Use that size, but adjust the length to the size you would normally use.