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05-29-2008, 01:42 PM
Hi All... after a long hiatus, I finally am back to knitting and crocheting... needed to take advantage outdoors of sub-95 temps here before summer hits!!

Anyway... I started a new thread table runner (http://www.freepatterns.com/list.html?criteria=FC00764) Tues. eve... and last nite as I was working I notice that the outer edge is just soooooo ruffled, not just a little, but like the sleeves of a Liberace costume!! I am on row 8...

Maybe I screwed up on row 7 --- The way I read it, I will have 8 dc in each shell chain 3 (after beg shell)... is this right?

(Shell= 2dc, ch3, 2 dc) in sme ch sp.)

Rnd 7: Beg shell in shell, ch 2, 2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc in next ch-3 sp of shell, ch 2, [shell in shell, ch 2, 2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc in next ch-3 sp of shell, ch 2] around join.....

I tried to flatten and see if it would work out in blocking, but doesn't *appear* so....
I read that it could be due to too loose of tension? But my stitches seem tight enough to me, I thought maybe I was causing it by too tight of tension, til I read that? Size 10 thread with a 7 hook...

I also read to continue on and it should work itself out, which I did last nite, but don't see any results yet... and with 6 hours already invested I would rather frog now, if there may not be any hope of it flattening out...

Sorry I don't have pic... I am at work, and runner at home... but could post tonight if it would help?


06-01-2008, 08:54 PM
If I am understanding you correctly, you are trying to put everything in the brackets into the ch-3 sp. Is that right? If you are, that is incorrect.
There appears to be a few parentheses missing. This is how it should read.

Rnd 7: Beg shell in shell, ch 2, (2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc) in next ch-3 sp of shell, ch 2, [shell in shell, ch 2, (2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc) in next ch-3 sp of shell, ch 2] around join.....

So you would be alternating shells and this new thing in the shell sp's around.I hope this makes more sense. That should take care of Liberace.
I hope there aren't any more errors in the pattern. I have saved it to my computer in case you need any more help.

06-01-2008, 10:22 PM
Thank you for the info... I lost my 7 hook :?? in a 3 ft range within my house??... so have another on the way, and will try the new instructions as soon as it arrives.

Yes, indeed, I was putting all of those DCs in the one ch3 space.... I really felt like I messed up on row 7.... but couldn't for the life of me figure out how!

Thanks so much for your time... and your generous offer of future help!!:heart:

06-19-2008, 02:26 PM
Ok, so I made it to round 18...
Made it through the first few instr. but got stumped when I got to the **[shell in shell], ch3, sc in next ch-2 sp, chain 3] 3 times

So I took it to mean after I
sh in sh in the first (of 4), ch 3, immediately sc, ch 3, then skip over the next shell in shell and sc into the ch2 in between it and the next sh and sh, ch3, skip over, sc into the ch2 between the next sh in sh yet again, then pick up pattern

.... but when I do that, the ch3 wants to sit on top (when I lay it on the table, it is on top) of the sh in sh... does that make sense? Like there's not enough slack to keep it in the row above.

So obviously I am misreading the instruction - yet again. Or maybe it will work out in blocking?


06-21-2008, 09:12 AM
You chain 3 sc in the same ch 2 space 3 times then move on to the next shell in shell.

06-23-2008, 10:16 AM
Aaahh.... thank you!! I knew it was me!!

06-23-2008, 10:26 AM
You're welcome! I'm still sort of a newbie and that threw me in the first pattern I tried too!!