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06-03-2008, 03:11 PM
I have a pattern I wanted to start do and it was giving me the worst problem on gauge. I went onto Ravelry and found others who had done the pattern and then found someone who used the same yarn as I am and she said had to work out the gauge. OK, so I'm not a dork! I e-mailed her and she was so helpful!!! She sent me a link to a site that totally works out the math on getting gauge right. So, I may actually be able to do my sweater now!!! :woot: I LOVE that website. It's so great to also find someone who will take the time to answer a question. THANK YOU!!!! :muah:

06-04-2008, 09:55 AM
Maddison - can you post the link to that extremely helpful website? Since I'm allergic to wool, I nearly always find myself having to do a yarn substitution, so this site sounds like a winner for me!

Firey Vixxen
06-04-2008, 10:09 PM
I need that website too! I'm the great subsituter, and one of the jumpers I want to do I've been putting off coz there is no posible way I can get gauge and I can't be bothered to write the whole thing right now.

Becky Morgan
06-04-2008, 10:50 PM
It's just ravelry.com. Right now they're still in beta, so you have to ask for an invitation--it takes about a week to get on. It's a huge site with so many sections I've only scratched the surface after a month or so.

06-06-2008, 09:43 AM

Here's the multiplier. I hate math but I'm willing to try anything to get my gauge right the first time around!!!