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06-18-2008, 08:44 AM
I am planning to make this baby hat (http://heyjulie.wordpress.com/2007/03/20/babykids-earflap-hat/). The pattern says to use cable cast on when joining the earflaps and starting with the hat. I am not a great fan of cable cast on - it sure looks complicated in the video. Can I use long tail cast on instead? Will that make a big difference?

06-18-2008, 10:32 AM
Long tail won't work without a lot of hassle because you're adding on to an already knit piece. You can use knitted CO instead and when you knit the CO sts on the next row, knit through the back loop so they're not as loose and loopy.

of troy
06-18-2008, 10:48 AM
You can use any cast on.. but..

look at the pattern, you start with X and increase ever row to shape the ear flap.

In this design, the increase are make by casting on a stitch or two every row..

the thing about the cable cast, is: your first row and subsequent rows all use the cable cast on.. and the edge is 'the same'

could you use long tail? sure, but then your first row of cast on stitches wouldn't match the increase rows. and when it comes time to cast on the edge of the hat you'd have get a different cast on..

This pattern is a case where the cast on is important.

so do you have to use cable cast on? NO.

but you need to think about the edges of the ear flap, and how you are going to cast on for the edge of the hat when you come to it.

by then, you'll only have working yarn, and won't be able to do a long tail (so you'll have a long tail edge at bottom of flap, another edge at sides of flap, and third edge on bottom of hat.

(But if you use a cable cast on, the edge will be one continuous 'cast on' --all the edges will match (virtuously seamlessly.. a smooth look!)
but if you sub and use a different cast on, you should plan it.

i might cast on A--where A=number of stitches for hat, +some stitches for ear flap. (it would take some time to figure exact number.)

then working in short rows, do one flap, --and at same time, shape ear flap by K2tog at each edge (so that the cast on edge became the last stitch--)
when the first ear flap was finished, knit back of hat till i got to second ear flap, work that in short rows (like the first ear flap) and the knit front of hat..

from there i would just work in round.

(think like this.. Cast on in CC, X stitches (100 for hat, 20 extra for each ear flap) --
round 1, MC. short row ear flap, (when completed, the ear flap as an out side edge of CC ) knit back, make second ear flap (which, when finished, also has a outside edge of CC)
knit front--
and by this point, the extra 20 (or what ever number) of extra stitches have become R1 border.. (use up going "UP" the sides of the ear flap. )

take away the CC color, you still have one smooth continuous Long tail cast on.. one continuous edge.. one smooth line..

the hat is pretty simple.. the details are the design. with out the smooth, detailed, cast on.. the hat loses a lot of its design.

Oh, and a Knit cast on, or a crochet cast on would also work as well as a cable on..