View Full Version : Cotton Ease needed - Lime colour

06-25-2008, 10:38 AM
I have a project in mind for my grandchild due in December, and I've managed to score some Cotton Ease yarn through someone on Ravelry... and love it. Before I can start knitting it, I need just one more colour to go with it - lime - and no one on Ravelry has it available to sell from their stash. :sad:

I've tried searching for online stores that sell it, but the only one I could find that ships to Australia wanted to charge $28.50 as shipping for 3 balls. That would make it very expensive yarn!

I'm wondering if anyone reading this might have a couple of balls they no longer want, that I could buy from them? As I'm in Australia the payment method would need to be by Paypal.

Please, if there's any Cotton Ease angel reading this post, I'd be very grateful.