View Full Version : Can I turn my sock into a sweater?

06-29-2008, 09:10 PM
So, my sock isnít working out. This sock- http://funisinstyle.blogspot.com/2007/05/lace-knee-socks.html

The yarn its shown in doesnít show the pattern that well, but it is a very cute, simple, stretchy lace pattern, a type of gull wings pattern I think. I happily knit the length of the sock down to my ankles and discovered that it doesnít want to be a sock. The decreases were bad. The heel didnít turn quite right. The pattern went wonky on the side of the foot.

Iíve frogged this sock back about 6 times, and Iím pretty good at socks. :-/ This me/yarn/pattern combo, though, just isn't working. We have to break up.

I was going to frog the whole thing and return the rest of the yarn to the store, when I noticed the footless sock looked a lot like a sleeve.

Pros: I tried it on and it goes on easily and reaches from wrist to halfway up my upper arm, with the ribbing at the wrist. It looks pretty cute if I do say so myself, if ever so slightly thin when I bend my elbow.

Cons: Iíve never made a sweater, donít know how they work, and its acrylic, not my favorite fabric. Er, also, dk weight on size twos, so Iíd be knitting for awhile if I wanted to make a sweater of it.

It is simple enough that I can do it watching tv, though. And its on circulars, and I know some sweaters on circulars just attach a sleeve. And its lacey, after all, so breathability wouldn't be a problem...

Any ideas on patterns that I could adapt? Or simple lace cardigan patterns? Or?? It feels strange to be starting a sweater with yarn, needles, gauge and a sleeve but no pattern! :oo:

Any advice welcomed - its a cute almost-sleeve, and I'm not good at breaking up!

Jan in CA
06-30-2008, 10:24 AM
I'm sure you could probably make a sweater from the yarn, but it might be hard to turn a sock into a sleeve. :think:

06-30-2008, 12:21 PM
You could, but you would have to increase to make it a real sleeve.

Why not find a basic pattern, top down is easiest and use the stitch pattern in a worsted weight yarn. The February Lady Sweater is one that already uses the gull wing pattern and while it's a cardigan, you can adapt it into a pullover easily.