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07-11-2008, 09:57 AM
Have a look at my blog to see what I knitted with some yarn I won - I think it is the most useful thing I have ever knitted!! :muah: :woohoo: :cheering:
What was YOUR most useful (and used thing)??
lotsa love
www.1001arabianknits.blogspot.com (http://www.1001arabianknits.blogspot.com)

07-11-2008, 10:40 AM
I love it Lulu! I enjoyed browsing your blog as well ;)

07-11-2008, 11:30 AM
looks great and all the pics on your blog were great.

I don't think I have ever made anything really useful. LOL

07-11-2008, 12:45 PM
Cool. Lover yer blog. I bookmarked it!

07-12-2008, 11:50 PM
It looks wonderful, and I must tell you that I LOVE your blog. I couldn't stop reading!:roflhard:

07-13-2008, 02:30 AM
The most useful thing I've knit myself is a coffee cup cozy. It lives in my purse. When I am out and *must* buy a cup of coffee, I can't always carry (read: have forgotten or am feeling the stabs of a caffeine headache and don't care that I haven't got) my own cup, but at least I don't need to get the little extra sleeve that hugs the paper cup and keeps me from burning my hand. I plan to make more for friends for Christmas to give with a gift card to Peets or Starbucks. Yay!:cheering:

Lulu, I loved your pillow and reading your blog... the Kool-Aid yarn turned out mahvelous!! I'm inspired!

07-13-2008, 09:50 AM
:yay: Love it and you did a great job...the yarn is so pretty...

:happydance: love your blog...

07-13-2008, 12:18 PM
Very nice!

07-14-2008, 09:25 AM
What a great idea!! It's beautiful! And I think wash/dish cloths are the most useful items I've ever made. :)

NC Girl
07-15-2008, 09:02 AM
LOL! Thanks a lot. I was browing through this forum while taking a "short" break and now 30 minutes later, I'm still here thanks to your blog!

07-15-2008, 09:40 AM
That one you have on there, that's "Your Next Big Knitting Project" (I think) looks like something from Dr Who

07-21-2008, 08:03 PM
Looks great. As I type this, I as sitting with an ugly blue microfibre lumbar pillow behind my back that I hide when it's not is use. That is lovely yarn and a brilliant idea !!
I enjoyed your blog and your unique purse ideas.


07-22-2008, 05:33 PM
Great bolster cushion. I would love to make a body sock/tube like the one on you blog for my daughter she is always complaining about being cold.

07-23-2008, 05:59 AM
Of the hundreds of things I have knitted over the years I have to say DISHCLOTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!