View Full Version : I pet a Baby Alpaca yesterday!!!!!

07-21-2008, 02:57 PM
I hope this falls under the General Knitting topics cause I want to shout it from the rooftops!! Just Kidding, but it was fun. DH and I were bored yesterday so we drove 45 mintues out of our way to eat some Apple Pie. I know, we're odd people, but it was the best apple pie and it cost a pretty penny too.

Anyway we, of course, took the long way home since we had nothing to do and as DH is driving around a corner I see a sign that says 'Alpaca Farm Open to public' and under that was the word YARN. So we had to turn around and see the yarn, ahem, I mean Alpacas. :teehee: I've never seen an Alpaca up close in my life, let alone touch one. OH. MY. GOD. Talk about soft. And the baby?!?!?! OH. MY. GOD. I've never felt something as soft as that baby alpaca. They were so neat to see and touch and one of them didn't like me standing by the fence and got that look in his eye, he was gonna spit! The farmer shushed him and I walked away. :teehee: Then after we talked with him for a long time we went to find his wife and she took us in her house.

We are complete strangers and she took us in her house! Who does that anymore these days?? I couldn't believe it, she was so nice to us and she had quite a bit of yarn - all Alpaca of course, such beautiful colors. So soft, oy vey. And they were on sale to boot!! It was a good day. So if you ever come upon an Alpaca farm, I suggest you stop and ask if you can pet them, you'll never forget it as long as you live.

07-21-2008, 03:50 PM
:D Sounds like you had lots of fun!!!

(And btw we are the kind of people who would just drive around looking and barns and farms all day (b4 gas got so high), so I don't think you are strange for going to actaully get something. LOL)

07-21-2008, 05:30 PM
So how much yarn did you buy?

You drove to eat pie? I wanted a cherry pie so I walked to the kitchen and made one. It only costs a few pennies and nobody cares if they're pretty or not :)
I'll trade you a pie for some alpaca yarn :wink:

Who does that anymore these days??
Country folk.
You should visit Iowa.

07-21-2008, 05:41 PM
Oh, you are SO lucky! I've only seen them in pictures. I've seen llamas once, but I didn't find them to be friendly, so I didn't even try to pet one.

07-21-2008, 09:29 PM
So how much yarn did you buy?

You drove to eat pie? I wanted a cherry pie so I walked to the kitchen and made one. It only costs a few pennies and nobody cares if they're pretty or not :)
I'll trade you a pie for some alpaca yarn :wink:

Country folk.
You should visit Iowa.

I got 4 skeins of this pretty tri-colored yarn. I would take a picture to show you but everytime I try it says it's too big and I have tried to shrink them but it's never enough so I get too frustrated to keep trying. :shrug: I inherited my lack of patience from my father. ;)

Yep, we drove for an apple pie. I usually make them, but only 2-3 times a year. We have a sweet tooth problem in our household so I limit the sweets as much as possible, otherwise we'd weigh a ton! :teehee: It's been quite a while since I've had an apple pie and our A/C doesn't reach the kitchen so it would heat the house up something fierce and it's been in the 90's for the past week. So we drove to the fully air conditioned restaurant and ate pie. :mmm:

We really did have a good time. And if you make me an apple pie, you've got a deal! :thumbsup:

07-21-2008, 10:47 PM
I would most definitely drive 45 minutes for a good slice of pie. And, before gas got so high we drove all over the place just to look at the pretty countryside (not that there is much of that in North Central Texas). My family loves pie so much that my brother and his bride had pie at their wedding instead of cake (it was just last weekend and it was so yummy). And I completely get you about the AC and cooking. It got up to 106 here today. The AC does reach our kitchen and I wouldn't dream of turning our oven on. I did turn the stove on shortly to make homemade chocolate sauce for sundaes and I was sweating by the time I finished.

Congratulations on the yarn find!

07-22-2008, 12:42 PM
Isn't that fun ! We have a fiber festival here in Nov and the different farms bring their animals for everyone to pet. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to touch all the different fibers and yarnds, but I do spend a lot of time petting the animals too.
I think the show dirty jobs was on an Alpaca farm one time.

07-22-2008, 02:04 PM
Glad you had such a wonderful time! I hope to have Alpacas one day....

07-22-2008, 03:18 PM
There is an Alpaca Farm less than a mile from my home. I have bought yarn from them but never been out to visit the alpacas there. I have pet them before and they are so soft. My husband promises if we are ever able to buy the field behind our house we can have alpacas, but I think that is far into the future.

07-22-2008, 06:11 PM
Hey Bailsmom, it sounds like you had a great time!!! The only thing better would be if you scrambled the words up a bit and added "got"

I got a pet Baby Alpaca yesterday!!!!! LOL

07-22-2008, 11:19 PM
I wish!! All the yarn I want :thumbsup: . The farmer told us that it only costs him 40 cents a day for each Alpaca. Can you believe that?? One 3 ounce can of cat food costs me 56 cents. And I have 2 cats, and a dog.

I just love learning about different animals, it facinates me so much. I've always wanted to live on a farm but am sooooo not cut out for that lifestyle. I'm a total city girl, soft and mushy and I don't go anywhere without my hairdryer :teehee: , but I love the country. I do want our first home to be on a farm, but minus the farm animals. Dogs yes, pigs no. I love animals too much I think, but that's okay.

He said he paid a lot of money for a few of them (over $10,000) and he does sell them, not for meat but as a pet. (I don't know if you can even eat an alpaca :shrug:, I shudder at the thought) for measley $400.00. My God, a pure bread dog costs more than that!

07-24-2008, 09:47 PM
My uncle has llamas, and as babies they are heavenly soft. The first time I went over to see the youngest (Dolly... yes, the Dolly Llama hehehe) my uncle let me pick her up and carry her into the barn in case of coyotes (they don't bother the adults but nobody wants to risk the babies). She was so tiny and thin and soft. Just three days old! And, all legs.