View Full Version : Missing Piece of Pattern

07-23-2008, 02:18 PM
The lady that taught me to knit gave me a large stack of magazines to go through. I got what I wanted (by tearing out the pages that I thought I might use one day) and tossed the rest. Some of the patterns continued on other pages. The only problem is... I sat down the other night to organize my patterns and I have realized that I apparently missed a page of a pattern that I wanted.

The pattern is called Me & My Doll from the Knit 'N Style October 1998. It says, "This adorable "dolly and me" dou, made in Coats & Clark South Maid Cotton 8, will delight any little girl." It is a pink and white dress for both child and doll. It is on pages 44, 45, cont. on pg 53, and cont, again on pg. 55. And page 55 is the one that I do not have.

It's not a BIG deal but I would like to have it. I have the complete pattern for the girls dress (bodice, right back, left back, finishing, skirt, right back band, and left back band). Both dresses (girl and the doll) look identical. I have the pattern for the doll dress all the way through to the skirt. So I think... all I am missing is the right back band and the left back band (if the pattern is written the same).

If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it!!