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07-24-2008, 08:36 PM
A fiber arts studio, fully furnished, and with your dream stash. If you agree to take it, this person wants a full description of the studio, what your stash would consist of, and how you'd want it decored. What would you say?

My answer:

I'd want a 50' x 50' straw bale solar house with a full sized loft. Down stairs would be my photography studio (what I want to be professionally)...... Pretty much plain down there. I'd want a pro stained cement floor, dark room, earthen plaster walls, (inside and out), and lots of windows. (At least 2 on each wall.) I'd want to furnish it myself.

Upstairs..... Woah. The possibilities. I'd want a spinning wheel (not picky, just nice and would work nicely.) and a couple bean bags for knitting chairs. One wall would have to consist mainly of glass (west) and all other walls would need a few windows..... Skylights are a must....... Hmm..... As to the stash, a life time shopping spree and a life time membership (like, everything paid for, for life!!) to Knitpicks would be nice. :teehee:

And you?

07-24-2008, 09:01 PM
OOOOooooo this sounds like fun.
I'd like a converted barn with 4 rows of stalls, an office, and a hayloft.
The outer stalls can house sheep, llamas, alpacas, angora rabbits, silkworms, goats, and whatever other animals I feel like having. Please would the person providing the studio provide a couple of merino sheep and a few shetland sheep (in different colors), a black alpaca, and a trio of angora rabbits. Also perhaps a well-trained border collie.
The office should have a small kitcheny area, a bathroom, and space for preparing wool for spinning. The kitcheny area should have space and materials for dying.
The central two rows of stalls should have bookshelves lining them. These should have hard floors with soft fluffy rugs (perhaps shag wool?). Whatever stalls are needed for storing food and equipment for the animals should be used for that.
Upstairs, more bookshelves lining the walls, but most of these containing yarn!!!! and needles, and notions. One big table should be on one end of the loft, spinning supplies on the other end. In the middle should be moveable comfy chairs and floor pillows (I'm a flop on the floor person myself). Also, lots of windows, skylights, a decent music system, and wireless router for laptops.
Qiviuk, buffalo, vicuna, and cashmir yarns, along with your standard wool, silk, alpaca, llama, and so on. Bamboo and cotton yarns. Also fabric for lining purses. All natural fibers. Maybe some even less traditional fibers, like dog and cat. Do the sheep downstairs count as part of my stash?

07-25-2008, 11:11 AM
That sounds nice Jess! LOL I already have a barn, (but no furry fuzzy nice animals. sniff.) Other wise that'd be on my list.

For my stash containers, I've been saving cereal boxes (I know, it sounds weird) and I'm going to make a triangle box, open at both ends, and paper mache it with raw newspaper. I'm also going to make a wire frame paper mache table (not like I'm gonna be serving dinner on it or anything) and for my seating and stuff, that's gonna be wicker and bamboo.

And actaully, I have this coming in the future. I've been told if I can make and save enough to build my building, my parents will give me a small amount of land to go with it. YAY! Honestly, I am so excited about it. But not many people my age would think it even slightly interesting. LOL