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11-26-2008, 05:46 PM
I made these for my daughter's sports trainer. His wife is expecting twins in January or February. The guy was my daughter's physical therapist after she had surgery on her knee. He's wonderful...we consider him family.

The pattern is free and located here (http://www.michaels.com/art/online/projectsheet?pid=e07089). They were quick knits, requiring about a day each (since I have to work) to complete.

Instead of knitting the hats on straight needles, I used Magic Loop. I do not like seaming and felt this would be easier. That choice left me with a small hole on the top of each hat, so I made pom poms to cover them.


I used Bernat Baby Jacquards for both hats. The colorway for the one on the left (and below) is "Boys and Girls."


The other hat's colorway is "Berries and Cream."


The yarn is FABULOUS to work with! Each hat required only 30g of yarn to complete, so I have plenty left over. I might make booties to go with each one.

Thanks for looking! :muah:

11-26-2008, 06:01 PM
Those are really cute!

I agree about knitting around instead of flat.

Jan in CA
11-26-2008, 08:08 PM
Awwww those are really, really cute!

11-26-2008, 08:25 PM
Awww, love 'em!

11-26-2008, 08:38 PM
Very cute!!! :muah:

11-27-2008, 03:44 AM
Awwww they are so cute Nathalie . I have used this pattern before and it is great . Very quick and very cute:) The babies will look wonderful in them :)

11-27-2008, 09:54 AM
That is SO adorable. Thanks for the link. We have charity boxes at work for a family center, and that would be a nice thing to donate.


11-27-2008, 09:57 AM
Those are just too precious. I bet the babies will look adorable in them!

11-27-2008, 10:41 AM
These are so cute!!

I used this yarn to make a cabled hat for a 3 month old and it turned out great too!! I wasn't sure if cables would come out nicely with the jacquard pattern but it looks great.

Thanks for sharing,

11-27-2008, 03:48 PM
I Love 'em! They are too cute:)

11-27-2008, 09:04 PM
Those are adorable and they booties would look great with them.Thanks for the link I think I'll have to make them

Sewing Angel
11-28-2008, 02:31 AM
Those came out so cute! I need to remember that yarn the next time I need to knit a baby gift.

11-28-2008, 08:02 AM

11-28-2008, 11:39 AM
so adorable!! Love the colorways!

11-28-2008, 01:49 PM
Very, very cute! :)

11-28-2008, 02:57 PM
Those are very cute, Nit-Nat! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I'm going to tuck away the pattern information for the next time a baby is coming our way.

11-28-2008, 06:22 PM
Those are very cute, Nit-Nat! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)


Just wanted to add that I knit straight from the skeins...no cutting the yarn to make it come out in the lovely pattern that it did. I will definitely be buying more of this yarn in the future!

11-28-2008, 07:07 PM
They look darling, puts me in the mind of sorbet and sherbet sundaes.

Lisa R.
11-28-2008, 11:19 PM
Those are SO cute!

11-28-2008, 11:29 PM

11-30-2008, 04:32 AM
Those are so adorable. I will need to give them a try:inlove:

11-30-2008, 11:08 AM
too cute!! I've saved the pattern for future reference too!! Love the colorways. Will have to look for that yarn.

12-01-2008, 09:50 AM
Those are ADORABLE!!

12-04-2008, 03:30 PM
Those are so darn cute. The twins will be adorable in them. Beautiful pom-poms, so full and round.

12-08-2008, 12:29 AM
Those are so darn cute. The twins will be adorable in them. Beautiful pom-poms, so full and round.

Thank goodness for Clover pom pom makers!! I went out and bought the smaller sizes for the pom poms on the booties.

12-08-2008, 11:47 AM
:happydance: Very cute!

12-11-2008, 09:18 AM
Just adorable! The yarn is lovely too!

12-19-2008, 01:18 AM
Very cute! I'll have to remember the name of that yarn; I love how they turned out.

12-20-2008, 03:06 PM
Oh yummy! :heart: ADORABLE!!!! :heart:

And thanks for the link for the pattern. :thumbsup: My printer is working on it right now!!!