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12-04-2008, 02:47 PM
I'd like to knit a blanket like this one:

but want it to be striped like in this picture:

Also, I have 3 balls of Lion Homespun yarn but have used just a little out of it already for couple of bibs. They don't sell it here, so I was thinking of doing a slightly smaller version for the baby.

I was wondering if I could just follow the pattern until about half the yarn was gone and then just start decreasing then. Would this work?

Also, how do I do the stripes?
I would buy the second pattern, but it called for circular needles and 4 balls of yarn. I don't have and have never used circular needles. And theres no way to get another ball of yarn.

It says to knit until there are 126 stitches on the needle.
If I wanted to decrease this, does it have to be multiples of a certain number? Can I knit until 105, for example?

Thanks for the help. Until now I have knitted one scarf, one and a half small socks and 3 baby bibs so, I don't know much about changing patterns! I appreciate the help.

12-04-2008, 09:29 PM
I don't see why it wouldn't work. I've done some diagonal washcloths and wanted to have different sizes, some bigger and some smaller than the pattern called for and I just stopped when it was half as big as I wanted the final cloth to be, then started my decrease.

For some of them, I added a 3 row pattern about every 7 or 8 rows just for variety; no reason why you couldn't just change colors every so many rows or so many inches. For me, I had to remember to write down every change so I could remember to keep the pattern even.

I love the Homespun and have made a few small baby blankets with it..very soft and my nieces loved them.

Have fun...good luck.

12-05-2008, 07:50 AM
The circular needles are just to make it easier to hold so many stitches on the needles. You will still be knitting back and forth in rows. If you have long straight needles and can comfortable hold as many stitches as you will have when you get to the middle of the blanket, then that will work. The circ needles will just make it easier.

"I was wondering if I could just follow the pattern until about half the yarn was gone and then just start decreasing then. Would this work?" - Yes, this will work just fine.

For the stripes, just switch colors every "X" rows. If it's only 2 - 4 rows, just carry the other color up the side. If you want wider stripes, you will probably have to cut the yarn, start the new color, then later go back and weave in the ends.

I woudn't bother buying the 2nd pattern - it looks like the same pattern as the free one except for the stripes. And you can toss in the stripes in any way you want.