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03-17-2009, 01:56 PM
I am needing help! I am very very new to knitting (2 days) and when I read a pattern is it like reading a crotchet pattern? I have been crotcheting for years and hope its the same.

First row: K1, *p1,k1; repeat from * to end
2nd row: P1, *k1,p1; repeat from * to end

On the first row I would knit 1 then do a purl and a knit in the same row then of course repeat to the end till all the stiches are on the right hook? I guess I am a little confussed from practicing the single rib, knitting a row and purling a row. So I am just trying to make sure this is the correct way.

Thanks for any kind of clairty.

03-17-2009, 02:11 PM
Yes, it's similar to crochet patterns. You repeat only what's between the *s, so the first row would be - k1 (p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 etc).

03-17-2009, 02:31 PM
Thank you so much, that helps me feel like I am doing something right while trying to learn instead of just guessing at everything. Believe it or not you have been a great help to me.